Sunday, November 30, 2008

Unique Polish Jewish Klezmer Music

The Cracow Klezmer Band
(now known as The Bester Quartet - myspace, official site)
The Warriors (2001)
Tzadik Records


The Cracow Klezmer Band
Bereshit (2003)
Tzadik Records


The Cracow Klezmer Band is a Polish quartet formed by accordionist and composer Jarosław Bester in 1997 in Kraków, Poland. Its sound is different from what most people consider to be klezmer — instead of danceable versions of traditional Yiddish songs, and free-form fantasies and laments, the Cracow Klezmer Band instead plays gloomy and repetitive original music. Some songs could be considered dance pieces, but there are none of the traditional Bulgars, Freylekhs or Horas.

They also imitate non-musical sounds using their instruments — for example, the sound of a creaking ship or a distant crying bird; this actually has a long tradition in klezmer music.

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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Until I get the podcast running, I'll be uploading albums...

Logistikon Records (1996)

This one-man project is made up mainly of trancy-electro pieces with sampled voices and a heavy Christian theme running throughout the CD booklet. The album is pretty much all-instrumental, with the exception of “Night” and some vocal samples here and there. Beau G. Branson is the man responsible for this collection and it is obvious he has thoroughly studied his subject and takes it very seriously, and therefore has no need to preach the way many other religiously-based bands do.

Musically, the only downside is the annoying and monotonous “Without 613” and the remix it gets later on, which gives me awful visions of the Hafler Trio. Most of the work is quite good, with my favorite probably being “Aeternus,” with it’s interweaving strings and soft electronics. Mr. Branson walks a fine line between ethereal and mellow electro, mostly to good effect. Definitely an impressive debut and not your typical electro CD. More info: Logistikon Records, 2000 Cheyenne Drive, Edmond, OK 73013.
[Daniel Hinds]

or SomethingMore
or Flaming Fish (you're most likely to find it here; the address and above email address are most likely outdated...)

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The Plague

Welcome to the official site for the Unbleeding podcast. Once I get ahold of some software and a microphone, I should be able to start this. I'm planning to host my podcasts on sites like Sendspace, Yousendit, Megaupload, etc. I'm planning to make them only 30 minutes long.

Hopefully this will be up soon. Until then, keep digging for interesting music. There's a lot of it out there...