Thursday, May 30, 2013

June Calender for the Rake's End (as of 5/30)

JUNE 2013 at RAKE's END!

 2141 Central Ave. Cincinnati
open nightly 9pm / 21+ bar

Sat 1 - FOGGER (DJ party)

Sun 2 - Mala In Se, Hank, New Third Worlds

Mon 3 - weekly potluck!

Tue 4 - Cloud Becomes Your Hand (live bands...)

Wed 5 - 20ccs Vs. Chinn Chilla (rap, doom, noise, punk HYBRID SHOW)

Thr 6 - Down They Fall + Cincinnati Chiptunes

Fri 7 - DJ Grover! SOUL POWER!!! spinning his extensive selection of 45's

Sat 8 - Prize The Doubt (live bands...)

Sun 9 - International Noise Conference!!!

Mon 10 - weekly potluck + The Amends (live bands...)

Tue 11 - Zigtebra (live bands...)

Wed 12 - Rio & The Ramblers (live bands...)

Thr 13 - Smokestack (live bands...)

Fri 14 - Army Of Infants, Gnat, more

Sat 15 - DJ Soulstep!

Sun 16 - Zionide (live bands...)

Mon 17 - weekly potluck + live music!

Tue 18 - METAL SHOW with Predominant Mortification & The Outlawed

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My Stupid Ass Getting Kicked Off The Stage

timothy "treebeard" adams live at cincy by the slice (cincinnati, ohio) 3/23/13 from Cincinnati Local Music Scene vid on Vimeo.



@ 8:30 PM



Information below taken from here:

Legendary sludge/drone kingpins MELVINS have a new album in stores this April, and their tour in support of said record will lead them to The Ballroom at the Taft on May 29th!

Remember, anything worth doing, is worth overdoing! Well, it's 2013 and the seemingly tireless Melvins have yet ANOTHER record ready for release. What is this, their 50th record? Maybe? Anyway, the newest Melvins release is called Everybody Love Sausages. "This record will give people a peak into the kind of things that influence us musically," explains Buzz Osborne. "We REALLY like all of these songs along with the bands who actually wrote this stuff because first and foremost we are HUGE music fans."

For those who don't know, The Melvins have been a band for nearly 30 years...

The Melvins have done a shit load of albums.... How many is a shit load? No one really knows.

The Melvins live in Los Angeles and it's understood in hip circles that the United States tilts left and anything covered in slime tends to slide straight out to California. If your sliding too fast when you slide into San Francisco you tend to glance off south and the real scum bags end up in Los Angeles where their skin dries into a Malibu Ken tan which most hipsters have to painstakingly remove with Easy Off oven cleaner.

The Melvins have four members.

King Buzzo... Longest surviving and only original member left. When they get around to replacing him there will be no original members!
Dale Crover... Long standing drummer and part time guitar player. Dale likes his booze in a High Ball glass.
Jared Warren... Bass player, singer and part time drama geek. Jared also plays in the band Big Business.
Coady Willis... Drummer. Coady has a funny story about trying to play a gig in leather pants. Ask him, it's funny as shit! Coady also plays drums in Big Business.

So there you have it!

You can find other interesting bits and bobs about the Melvins on line and some of it is even true! Well, it's at least as true as what the band would tell you in person.

Recent playlist

Baptizer - 2013 Tour CDr
Napalm Death - The Peel Sessions
Merkaba - Bones Of The Sacred Forest
Rectal Hygienics - Even The Flies Won't Touch You
Molly Sullivan - Bad Weather (Musings)
Woe - A Spell for the Death of Man
Mental Destruction - Straw
The Cherry Point - Night of the Bloody Tapes
Death in Graceland - Come On, Touch Me
Parhelion - Temples in Ice
Bolt Thrower - War Master
*Ncense - More Spacious Than the Heavens [Eastern Orthodox Christian Chant in English]
Mardou - "Bounty Hunter" (Stereo version)
Malware - "Amendment"
Malware - "Cop Killer"


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Tuesday, May 28, 2013


It's going to take me awhile to get all the links for this inserted, but I thought it'd be best to at least get this information out there...

The buzz around local nasty doo-woppers TWEENS has been only picking up steam ever since it was announced that they would be opening for THE BREEDERS on their east coast tour.  After returning from laying waste to the eastern seaboard, a new demo song was put up on their soundcloud.  It's called "Don't Wait Up".  While listening to it, amuse yourself with the reeking stench of stupidity coming from the comments section of their article on Brooklyn .

After a winter of hibernation, undead deathrock creeps DREAMS IN HELL emerged with a full-length that's available digitally on their bandcamp.  It's only a few bucks.  Buy it so they can afford to put it out on wax.  Or be cursed to a neverending endlessness of neverending pain.
Local songstress/siren MOLLY SULLIVAN (ex-NO NO KNOTS) has put out a new release on her bandcamp. If it's not available in physical format yet, it will be soon.  Get it now.  Unless you're an idiot.  Or even if you are.  That would make you less of one.

Long-running post-punkers THE SOCIALS (so you don't have to) have a 7" out on local label Centsless Productions.  It's titled "The Beast Bites Back".  The release show for it will be held on June 1st at a FREE show (21+) at the Comet in Northside.

Local frostbitten hordes, rejoice!  Your unholy prayers have been answered!  There are now TWO local black metal bands from Cincinnati and a solo recording project, all of which are killer.  The first is ETHICIST (check out their bandcamp and pick up their tape, which is only $4 at shows), who have strong WEAKLING, early WOLVES IN THE THRONEROOM, psychedelic, and post-rock influences.  At their very first show, they opened up for WOE (incredible Philly black metal) at Three Kings Tavern in Covington, KY and blew everyone away with their noisy attack.  The second wave of viking attacks is headed up by LILIN, who also boast a post-rock influence.  Their album, "Aeon of Scorn", is available digitally everywhere from iTunes to Amazon to bandcamp and Spotify.  And finally, there's an unexpected apocalyptic raid by solo depressive/suicidal black metal project SUCCORBENOTH (bandcamp), which is from Daniel of LILIN.

RECTAL HYGIENICS (bandcamp) from Chicago are playing at Trash Factory on June 3rd with FORCED OPINION and St. Paul's ANIMAL LOVER.  Get your ass checked and wrecked with RECTAL HYGIENICS' FREE album , "Even the Flies Won't Touch You".  You can do a pay-what-you-want on their bandcramp or download it TOTALLY FREE on Scott Hull (PIG DESTROYER, AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED)'s Grindcore Karaoke site.  Their violent, sludgy, depraved and nihilistic brand of noise rock has a bit of a SWANS influence, but is way more damaged and fucked-up, with a definite punk bent.  FORCED OPINION is, in my opinion, the most brutal and violent band in Cincinnati history.  Don't miss out on their devastation.  Noise Rockers ANIMAL LOVER play noise rock and have a pay-what-you-want album, "Fundango" (amongst other releases) on their bandcamp.

ROBERT INHUMAN (ex-REALICIDE) has a new band, DECIDE TODAY, which is hardcore techno with Ving from THE CREATURE (ex-BORN AS GHOSTS).  A very outspoken anarchist act, they'll be playing their first show at a Solidarity for Prisoners show on June 11th.  If you want to know the location, ask a local punk.

The first(!!!) anarchist infoshop in Cincinnati's history recently opened up inside the MoBo Bicycle Co-op, located on the Village Green in Northside.  It's called Soapbox Books.  If your politics are of that stripe, you may want to check it out.  They are currently accepting donations of books.

Justin Dodd's latest project, the NAKED CITY-influenced CAVE OF BLACK TEETH, is taking names and eating souls.  They opened for JUCIFER a few weeks ago.

The mighty WINDHAND (female-fronted stoner metal from Richmond, VA) is will be blowing into Mayday June 18thCLOSE THE HATCH (Dayton) and Cincinnati's own GREY HOST will be playing with them.  $5 for entry, 21+.  Prepare to be blown away.

PREPARE FOR THE STENCH!!!!!!  The long-awaited demo release for Cincinnati's lords of thrashy crust-metal, COELECANTH, will be at the Chameleon in Northside on June 2nd. Also playing will be Asheville, North Carolina's blackened crust metallers SHADOW OF THE DESTROYER.  They have a member of KAKISTOCRACY, so it should be good..  The show is FREE.

Local drone doofus TREEBEARD will be playing DUNGEON FEST in Columbus on June 1st at the Summit.  He will also be boring people at the INTERNATIONAL NOISE CONFERENCE TOUR (curated by Ron Orvitz of IOVAE and Art Damage and Luke Tandy of BEING and Skeleton Dust Recordings) at the Rake's End in the Brighton neighborhood of Cincinnati on June 9th.

THE MELVINS are playing the TAFT THEATRE's BALLROOM on Wednesday the 29th.  Tickets are $17 in advance, $20 the day of show.  It's ALL AGES.

There's a new project from ex-THORNS OF THE CARRION (RIP) and current BENEATH OBLIVION members called THE OPIUM DOOM CULT.  Don't ask me to describe it, because I have yet to hear it.

Playing doom metal that's more blackened than a burnt church, Northern Kentucky's HIGHGATE just released the CD version of their latest full-length, "Survival" on Israel's Total Rust Music.  The LP is slated to come out later this summer.

SWANS are playing the Southgate House Revival on July 23rd.  PHARMAKON are opening.  Get your tickets ASAP!!!!

JIM SWILL will be presenting a movie (or, as he calls it, "video works") at the Contemporary Art Gallery on June the 10th.

Nate Powell of HIGHGATE, SARNATH, TOXIC RIVER (and formerly IMPIA), has a new noise project called CLAVICULA SALOMONIS.  I have no idea if he has a website for it yet, but he'll be polluting your the river and  your ears with a couple releases at Dungeon Fest.

Dreamy post-punk hunks/cardigan punks MARDOU have a song up for download now called "Bounty Hunter".  It kills.  Read about it on Shawn Abnoxious's blog, ...THWART.

LAZY ASS DESTROYER redid one of their albums and has it up for download.  And they definitely weren't lazy about it - their sound has improved drastically and it has my seal of approval.  Hip-hop meets hardcore punk, sorta like old BEASTIE BOYS meets the BLOODHOUND GANG.  Give it a listen.

THE KOALA FIRES have a new single up for free/pay-what-you-want download.  The live premier will be June 1st at Mainstay.  Unfortunately, I can't come up with a better pun than their name already is.  Whatever.

FOURTH WIFE have a song from their upcoming album streaming.  Listen to it and you'll understand why they got married again.

WEAKNESS is playing shows again and have a keyboard player now.  I saw the at the Chameleon a month ago and they raged.  Plus one of them bought me chili cheese fries at Skyline the other night, so they're in my "rad people" book (soon to be published).  Download their old album.

 Tired of the same old stoner metal/hardcore hybrids?  Well, Middletown, Ohio's THE LAST WINTER (ex-ANGRY RYAN AND THE NOSEBREAKERS, MEPHITIC HUSK) have just what Dr. Feel Brutal ordered.  They're playing some of the most creative shit I've ever heard in this genre, breaking new ground (and your face).  They have a song up for download and are playing the Rake's End on June 22nd with MALA IN SE, CAVE OF BLACK TEETH, and ALONG THE WAY.  Contact them at 1-900-FUCK-YOU.

Awkward-family-photo-punk-practitioners DEAD NORTH have their first full-length, "Teenagers", out now on John Wilkes Booth Records.  Stream some songs here, but remember not to cross them when you do.

BORN AS GHOSTS' is playing their first show in TWO YEARS.  They'll be playing Legend's Bar and Grill in Latonia, KY on June 4th. with BITTER END (TX - Deathwish Inc), BENT LIFE (6131), DISCOURSE (SC - Mayfly), and FED UP (OH).  It's ALL AGES, ALL HARDCORE and $10.  And seriously, don't whine about the cost of admission... when you consider inflation, those $5 shows in the 80's and 90's were actually a lot more than they were now.

STRANGE CANDI CLOTHING in Hamilton, Ohio is a new D.I.Y. custom-made punk clothing and accessory store.  Don't ask them to make you more interesting, though.  Only you can do that.

ZERO BOYS, GANG GREEN, ss-20, and LEGBONE are playing an ALL AGES show at the Southgate House Revival on June 12th.

A new local grindcore band called STICK YOUR FINGER UP YOUR BUTT AND SMELL IT have crawled out of the ass of the far eastern side of Cincinnati.  They have some releases up for you to download into your pants and huff.  Mike from Sludgesicle Records and Daniel of LILIN and SUCCORBENOTH are the two peni members.