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Way Ahead Of Time - 95%
peterott, May 7th, 2004

This is the most extreme, chaotic DeathBlack music ever recorded !!!

Formed in the early 80es, Parabellum wrote the music which is on this record already in 1984, but it was not recorded before 1987.

The simplicity and brutality of the sound makes a joke of every wannabe-Black Metal from today. This is pure evil and madness.

Maybe this band was ahead of its time for more than 10 years. Consider: When Hellhammer (1982) and Poison/Germany (1982) were founded, they were considered as the heaviest bands at that time and as the fouders of Black Metal. Parabellum has not only to be included here, but they really were 10 times more brutal than any other existing band at that time.

Review from The Corroseum:

Despite being recorded and released after their cult debut 12", "Mutacion Por Radiacion" sound a lot older. Soundwise this is a pure demo/rehearsal recording and isn't nearly as brutal as "Sacrilegio", but musically it's the same sick and insane stuff we've learned to love on their previous effort. The doomy "Bruja Maltida" is a stomping, mutant troll of a song, really abrasive and anti-catchy.

Try playing old HELLHAMMER demos backwards and you might hear something similar. I fucking love it. And their unique brand of noisy, monotonous "soloing" is more relentless than ever at the end of this song. I had no idea you could actually do that to a guitar! Is it even legal? OK, so musical instruments are usually dead things, but PARABELLUM are pushing the limits here to what could be considered cruel even to inanimate matter like guitar strings, speakers, mikes etc.

The title track is a bit of a sidestep from their other stuff. It's pretty much a brutal oi/crust punk song, infused with some really cold, hateful Doom & Death Metal breaks. Great one as well, but on a PARABELLUM-scale it's rather straight-forward - a statement which then again means absolutely zilch out in the real world.

The insert states that this EP was recorded in late '87, but that the songs were written already back in '84. Aiming to be the most brutal band in the universe in an age where TWISTED SISTER were considered challenging - and succeeding with flying colors! - is always applauded by this reviewer, especially when the end result turn out so ingenious and original. Unfortunately this was the last release of the band, but some members kept the warmachine turning in other revered underground acts such as BLASFEMIA and MASACRE. I've heard a rumor that MPR was only released in 100 copies, but the source is unfortunately not the most trustworthy. Fact is that it does pop up every once in a while at distributors/traders of rare SoAm Metal and I've seen it once or twice on e-bay, but if you truly want a copy I suggest you don't let it out of your sight once you spot it, coz whatever the edition is, I can assure you it's not exactly getting more common with time.

Couldn't find any info about this Brazilian release, but they've put out recent material...

Necrobutcher (Brazil) - Schizophrenic Christianity

From Nuclear War Now!'s Bandcamp for a compilation of the band's material:

Necrobutcher are among the many legendary bands that emerged in the late 1980’s and gave birth to a primitive strain of Black Metal that is unique to Brazil. This LP collects all of the existing output from this band whose approach deviated considerably in certain ways from more iconic Brazilian Death Metal bands. Both of the demos as well as the rehearsal recordings featured here were recorded in 1989. Necrobutcher adhered to no particularly discernible set of rules. Their sound is rugged and blown out. Their songwriting lies predominantly in the space between Death Metal and Grindcore. Their imagery and lyrical content are decidedly blackened and blasphemous. Few of their songs extend beyond the one-minute mark with many clocking in at 30 seconds or less. Indeed, the only long track in their catalog is their cover of Sarcofago’s “Nightmare.” Most of Necrobutcher’s demo material is fast and violent. The guitars are brittle and wretched. The rhythm section is furious and out of control. Vocals, like distorted howls, saturate the sound when present. Brought together, the effect is alcoholic and unholy. Words do little to convey the effect of these demo and rehearsal recordings. Necrobutcher’s music is about sensory destruction and, as such, must be felt to be appreciated.

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Patriarch Twal Condemns Israeli Demolition of Patriarchate Property


BETHLEHEM – Bulldozers of the Jerusalem Municipality, accompanied by Israeli Security forces, demolished the property on the Jerusalem-Hebron road, near the northern checkpoint number 300. This was a residential property of about 140 square meters, on which lived a family of 14 people.

The Patriarch’s statement came during his visit to inspect the demolished home, in the company of Bishop William Shomali, Patriarchal Vicar of Jerusalem, and Bishop Giacinto Boulos Marcuzzo, Patriarchal Vicar for Israel, Father Humam Khzouz, General Director of the Patriarchate, Father George Ayoub, Chancellor; a number of priests, the director of the Patriarchate Endowment, lawyers, engineers;  consuls of foreign countries, including Italy and Belgium;  representatives of churches and institutions; and a crowd of journalists from local and foreign news agencies.

In a press conference held at the site of the demolished home, the Patriarch said “looking upon a painful and upsetting scene raises discontent and anger. There is no justification for the demolition, but when the municipality and the Israeli government enact demolitions and displace people from their homes, these practices increase hatred and endanger the future of peace. This land has belonged to the Latin Patriarchate long before 1967. The Patriarchate possesses the official deed, and all legal paperwork proving ownership. Even worse, the legal tenants of the property, Mr. Salameh Abu Tarbush and his family, were taken by surprise by the demolition.”

The Patriarch added “We are the rightful/lawful owners, and you will hear our voice before all governments worldwide, and we will take legal action in appropriate courts to rectify this injustice, to bring back justice and rebuild this home. We have willpower and a spirit of belonging to this land of our ancestors, this sacred land which is home of our past, present and future.”

The home’s residents spoke about the displacement, which was carried out in the early hours of the morning, rendering them suddenly homeless. Their living situation is now tragic, in the open without shelter. The Red Cross is providing them with tents and assistance.

The lawyer of the Latin Patriarchate, Mr. Mazen Copti, confirmed the illegality of the demolition of this home and land declaring, “We will take all legal measures against the municipality of Jerusalem and the Israeli Ministry of the Interior to rebuild the house as it was.”

Source : HCEF

Photos : AK



BESTIAL WAR (Brazil) - "Ripping Christ Off Cross" Demo 1988 (Track 2 - "Desecration")

I once called Necrófago the second most primitive Brazilian metal band. Surely you have been wondering for years what the most primitive one is. Bestial War, naturally. Forget the invention of death metal. These cavemen pretty much invented Norwegian black metal too.

The Ripping Christ Off Cross demo can probably only be deciphered by the band themselves. Although, from what I can gather, they play in such an out-of-control death-thrash style that I wonder if they are even playing together or are all just going into their own tangents. Wouldn't that be something? The drummer fails to keep things as a group, with his incessant brutalizing of the drums. These can't be beats folks, he's probably just using his bare knuckles instead of drum sticks, bleeding all over the set with numb feeling. Instead of his actual thrashing blasts, he sounds like he is distantly pounding two wood blocks together to simulate a pounding snare. The guitarist uses a distinct tremolo style. Mainly you can hear him buzz sawing it right through, with the exception of a start up riff. This is a close style to what Genocidio's guitarist sounds like on their first EP. He adds a few solos that sound like sporadic, one-dimensional fillers, using whichever notes are quickest to his fingers. The problem with Bestial War, though, is they fail to even entertain someone when using just a simplistic and barbaric brand of music. The riffs use a fast-for-the-sake-of-fast mentality, while not actually keeping up with themselves to be worthwhile. All of this is blended in with the vocalist screaming his head off into the microphone. This is one pissed off guy. I'll give them that. He gives it all his lungs and vocal chords can take, with him screaming all over the place. For the most part, I wouldn't be surprised if it was improvised. I mean, what would be the point in having thought through lyrics when the music is this wild? It might as well be instant chaos.

NECROFAGO (Brazil) - "Brutal Mutilation" Demo (1987)

South America, and Brazil in particular, had a huge metal scene in the 1980s... Of the bands I’ve heard, Necrófago are the second most primitive metal band from Brazil.  “Brutal Mutilation”... combines a piss-raw recording with genuinely bizarre songwriting and technique. There are tempo changes, guitar squeals, and unpredictable cymbal crashes that seem more inspired by friendliness with a gluebag than imitation of any previous metal bands I’ve heard. The thin, trebly guitar sound, thudding atonal bass, and primitive drumming give the second demo a feel of proto-black metal.

- Necrófago | Shit-Fi

DEAD (Tampa Bay, FL) - "Musical Abortions" Demo (1986)

Dead, from Florida, who released the “Musical Abortions” demo in 1986 set a new standard in ultra-rough, totally unhindered by talent, shit-fi metal. Few who are not readers of Shit-Fi would likely appreciate this, well, musical abortion. Check the review on Metal Archives: “Before going ahead with the review I'd like to point out that I myself am a fan of very raw, primitive music on the occasion. I am fully aware of the purposes and goals of such a style of production and composition, and I can confidently say that when done right, that shit kicks ass. . . . However, that being said, it is the single worst sounding pieces of recorded music that I have ever heard.” Indeed. Trust me: metal like this—which verges on industrial and/or noise—should be left to punks to appreciate, because ‘bangers just don’t seem to get it.