Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pusdrainer Gets Good Press From Decibel Magazine!!!

For those of you not aware, Decibel magazine is the most successful metal / hc / etc magazine out right now.  The have a short section that covers noise, p.e., etc and Justin was in it this month!!!

The Wages of Din

by Scott Seward

Pus Drainer: There is something to be said for truth in advertising. When you get a package in the mail from a guy who calls himself Pus Drainer, you know not to expect limpid pools of shoegaze gauze. Nah, you get ready to have your ears fucked. And Justin Lakes, a.k.a. Pus Drainer, doesn't disappoint. Whether on a split release with Gnawed or by himself, Lakes bring the electro mayhem, but also manages to invigorate acidically in ways that most shoegaze or metalgaze crumpet sniffers couldn't conceive of. I repeat, psychedelic music does NOT always mean having high tea with ladybugs and march hares! Or being set adrift on memory bliss.  Life isn't always easy, and music isn't always "comforting."