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Former US Government Contractor Who Blew the Whistle On Surveillance Program Reportedly Flees to a Third Country

It's depressing that if this guy wants to avoid prison time or death, he has to go to insanely repressive countries for asylum.  Everyone knows that Russia, Hong Kong (which, ultimately, is no different than China), and (if he makes it there) Ecuador have far less freedom and much more government surveillance than the US.  Those governments' only real interests in this are potentially gaining secrets from Mr. Snowden and using the incident to humiliate the United States government.  When captured US military, other government personnel, and private citizens try to use the Geneva Convention to demand their rights from hostile countries, they're more likely to be scoffed and laughed at, whether their reasons for detainment are legitimate or not.  And when our government tries to exercise diplomatic pressure on those countries for oppressing their people, can we expect them to take us seriously?  Our leaders traded those things away awhile ago in what they claim is the interest of national security, but how many of us believe that anymore?  Hopefully this eventually leads to the restoration of certain freedoms here.  Which, ironically, would mean that all of the work by the oppressive governments who are assisting Mr. Snowden would backfire on them.

Btw all emphasis and the "[sic]" in the article down there are from myself.

- Tim

Snowden on the run, seeks asylum in Ecuador
By Phil Black. Catherine E. Shoichet and Holly Yan, CNN
updated 1:39 PM EDT, Sun June 23, 2013

Moscow (CNN) -- The man who leaked details of U.S. government surveillance programs was on the run late Sunday, seeking asylum in Ecuador with the aid of the anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks, the organization and Ecuador's Foreign Ministry announced.

Edward Snowden, the onetime contract analyst for the National Security Agency, left Hong Kong after the U.S. government sought his extradition on espionage charges, WikiLeaks said. He landed in Moscow, where a CNN crew spotted a car with diplomatic plates and an Ecuadorian flag at the Russian capital's international airport.

WikiLeaks, which facilitates the publication of classified information, did not disclose what country would be Snowden's final destination. But Ecuador has already given WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange refuge in its embassy in London for nearly a year after he unsuccessfully fought extradition to Sweden in British courts.  And Washington is asking Ecuador, as well as Cuba and Venezuela, not to admit Snowden, a senior Obama administration official told CNN on Sunday. The United States also is asking those countries to expel him if they do admit him, the official said, and a a source familiar with the matter told CNN that the U.S. government has revoked Snowden's passport.

Snowden "left Hong Kong legally" and is headed to Ecuador "via a safe route for the purposes of asylum," WikiLeaks said in a statement issued Sunday afternoon. He is accompanied by diplomats and lawyers for WikiLeaks, including former Spanish judge Baltasar Garzon, according to a statement from the organization.  "The WikiLeaks legal team and I are interested in preserving Mr. Snowden's rights and protecting him as a person," said Garzon, who also represents Assange. "What is being done to Mr. Snowden and to Mr Julian Assange -- for making or facilitating disclosures in the public interest -- is an assault against the people."  Snowden has admitted he was the source who leaked classified documents about the NSA's surveillance programs to the British newspaper the Guardian and to The Washington Post. The documents revealed the existence of programs that collect records of domestic telephone calls in the United States and monitor the Internet activity of overseas residents.

The revelation of the leaks rocked the Obama administration and U.S. intelligence community, raising questions about secret operations of the NSA and whether the agency was infringing on American civil liberties.

Hong Kong: Extradition request didn't comply with requirements

Snowden left Hong Kong on Sunday "through a lawful and normal channel," the government of the semi-autonomous Chinese territory said Sunday. The U.S. government anounnced [sic] Friday that it was charging Snowden with espionage and theft of government property and asked Hong Kong authorities to hold him for extradition proceedings.

In a statement Sunday, Justice Department spokeswoman Nanda Chitre said Hong Kong authorities had informed U.S. officials of Snowden's departure.

"We will continue to discuss this matter with Hong Kong and pursue relevant law enforcement cooperation with other countries where Mr. Snowden may be attempting to travel," she said.

The U.S. government had also asked Hong Kong to issue a provisional arrest warrant for Snowden, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region said in a statement. But HKSAR officials said there were problems with the request.

"Since the documents provided by the U.S. government did not fully comply with the legal requirements under Hong Kong law, the HKSAR government has requested the U.S. government to provide additional information," Hong Kong officials said.

Because Hong Kong didn't have enough information, "there is no legal basis to restrict Mr. Snowden from leaving Hong Kong," the government said.

A Justice Department official said Sunday that the United States had met requirements with its request, disputing the assertion from authorities in Hong Kong.

"They came back to us with a few questions late Friday and we were in the process of answering those questions," the official said. "We believe we were meeting those requirements. As far as the relationship with Hong Kong goes, this raises questions and we will continue to discuss with authorities there."

Hong Kong's lack of intervention came after Snowden told the South China Morning Post that U.S. intelligence agents have been hacking computer networks in Hong Kong and mainland China for years.

Hong Kong said it wanted to have some words with the United States about that.

"The HKSAR government has formally written to the U.S. government requesting clarification on earlier reports about the hacking of computer systems in Hong Kong by U.S. government agencies," Hong Kong officials said in the same statement. "The HKSAR government will continue to follow up on the matter so as to protect the legal rights of the people of Hong Kong."

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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Update and a Show Review...

Check out the review of  THE DOPAMINES' album, "Vices", on if you haven't yet.  I saw a quote from it in the latest Citybeat and promptly looked for it.  It did not disappoint.

In case you missed it, THE DOPAMINES, THE LOCKLAND BRAKES, LOUDMOUTH, and BOY MEETS WORLD played Fountain Square last night.  It was the first time that the "Indie Summer Series" had a "punk night" and the "M.C." was nervous as hell about it.  He did everything from apologizing for having to read a list of thank-yous to the corporate sponsors to saying that hoped everyone would be cool.  Even one of the bands said "This is the first time there's been a punk show here and hopefully it won't be the last time."  I caught most of the bands' sets, with the exception of Loudmouth, because I had to make like a treebeard and leave.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Current and Upcoming...


VACATION album streaming in full on

TWEENS sign to Frenchkiss Records.

ABDUCTION's highly positive demo review in Maximum Rock'n Roll.

Theotokos Recordings' compilation to raise awareness of the genocides committed against and suffering of "indigenous" Christians in the Middle East.  And the nonviolent Kairos movement by Palestinian Christians and Muslims for civil rights.  Both of which the US media has completely blacked-out.  The compilation will be the first physical release for my label.  I am accepting music submissions of any genre.  While I'd prefer something relevant to the topic, as long as it's good enough for people to actually spend money on it and not toss it away after a couple listens, I'm interested...



- JIM SWILL's "Screenage Wasteland" video presentation @ the CAC - 6/ 10

- MOLLY SULLIVAN and CARNAL UNITS @ the Comet - 6/11

- THE FLESH PETS (Dayton), ARMY OF INFANTS (Dayton), GNAT! @ the Rake's End - 6/14


THE SOCIALS - The Beast Bites 7" (DIGITAL + VINYL)
MOLLY SULLIVAN - Bad Weather (Musings) (DIGITAL/CD)
HIGHGATE - Survival (CD)
NEW TONGUES - We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For (DIGITAL/VINYL)
GREY HOST- Dawn for Vultures (DIGITAL/CD)
SAILING STONES - Sailing Through the Desert of Your Mind Demo (DIGITAL/CD)





Friday, June 7, 2013

...THWART!: Interview: Artist Jim Swill

(This interview is from Shawn Abnoxious' blog, "...THWART!".   It's a great interview and may help you better understand where Jim is coming from.)

...THWART!: Interview: Artist Jim Swill: Jim Swill. Press Photo I’ve shared stages with Jim and seen his tuff many different places but when I recently seen a video he create...

Monday, June 3, 2013

Local Music News Update!

Hardcore punk veterans (and one guy who's new to it, but you wouldn't know if I didn't tell you) CRUSHED VELVET, who have 3/4 of WHITE WALLS (RIP), finally put a song online.  It's sick.  Which is what you'll be after you listen to it.

If you're looking to buy THE SOCIALS' new 7", head on over to their website for directions.  However, if you're looking for directions on how to make toast, watch this helpful video.

SUCCORBENOTH's "The Followers of the Sun" album is going to be released on CD/LP by the French label Le Crupuscule du Soir.  I took five years of le French, but I don't know what that means.  Sorry.  Anyhow, you can hear one of the songs here.

Because playing in three bands isn't enough, Daniel of LILIN, SUCCORBENOTH, and STICK YOUR FINGER IN YOUR BUTT AND SMELL IT has a shoegaze/post-rock band called BELOW THE ARCH.  They also have a reverbnation page.

BRAIN HOUSE KIDS PROJECT ALERT!!!!!!!  Tyler Stemmer has a "lucid rock" thing going now called SWIFTY MORGAN, which he claims will "make you believe in rock and roll again".  I don't know about you guys, but I never stopped believing.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

This is worth reading

Popular culture has helped create a mindset where sex is less about intimacy and more about possession. "We've objectified sex. It's almost a commodity now, and its really unattached from any sort of intimacy or emotional experience, and if it's a commodity, people feel okay with doing whatever they can to get it."

This article, written by investigative journalism students at the University of Massachusetts, is presented as part of a larger series addressing issues related to sexual assault on college campuses.

Rape culture. It's a phrase you hear a lot. But, what exactly does it mean? Is there one general definition? Not necessarily. In many ways the phrase evokes the famous Supreme Court comment about obscenity from Potter Stewart, "I know it when I see it."

And, you don't have to look far to see examples of rape culture these days. Whether it's advertising, movies, music videos or social media -- images, words, concepts -- it's all out there illustrating men dominating women.

"Everywhere you turn there's condoning, trivializing, and eroticizing rape, and collectively it sets a tone that says this is no big deal or this is what women deserve," said Lynn Phillips, a Lecturer with the University of Massachusetts-Amherst Communication Department.

The language of rape culture exists in everyday conversation.

"I raped that test," is a phrase that has become commonplace, connoting a sense of accomplishment. "You might 'rape' somebody you're playing against which means you won really easily against them," said Mike Angelli, a UMass student.

And, there is an endless amount of "joking" about rape occurring in cyberspace.

Trending social media topics such as "the rape sloth" continues to generate a type of editorial cartoon known as memes, which display comments about rape in a comedic form.

"Wanna smell my new cologne? It's called chloroform," quoted one of the statements.

Other meme "jokes" include "Oh you don't want sex? Challenge accepted," and even "I've got a dick and a knife, at least one of them is going inside of you tonight."


Rectal Hygienics - Chicago, IL
Nihilistic, violent, sleazy noise rock with a Swans influence, but more fucked-up and punk.  FREE and Buy-it-now downloads of their debut album on their bandcamp and Grindcore Karaoke (bandcamp site full of FREE powerviolence, grindcore, noisecore, and noise run by Scott Hull of Pig Destroyer and Agoraphobic Nosebleed).  The LP version is being released by Torn Light Records (run by Alex York) from here and is limited to 300 copies.  This is a one-time pressing, so get ahold of it while you can!!!! (Pay what you want) (TOTALLY FREE!!!!!)

Animal Lover - St. Paul, MN
Driving noise rock, good stuff.

Forced Opinion - Cincinnati, OH
Sick, sick, sick powerviolence... the most brutal band I've ever heard come out of here.

Pillowbiter - Cincinnati, OH
Hardcore punk/noise rock with scathing social and political lyrics.

***ALL AGES***

Monday, June 3rd @ 9 PM

$5 donation for the out-of-town bands, but if you're not going to contribute towards gas for them, that's just plain shitty...

Trash Factory
2439 Moerlein Ave
Cincinnati, OH