Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Memorial Service for Little Randy

(photo via Myspace via Jordan Nicole's blog)

A memorial for Randy Lee Stone will be held January 30th from 5-8 pm at:

The Meyer​ and Geise​r Funer​al Home
4989 Glenw​ay Ave

It's right​ acros​s from the libra​ry.​



Monday, January 26, 2009

Skateboarding Helps Bring Hope to Kids in Afghanistan

this is one of the most awesome things i've ever read and gives me a lot of hope. i really hope that things work out for these kids...

btw spread the word on this however you can; blogs, message boards, worth of mouth, zines and magazines, telling skate shops and skateboarding companies, just whatever...


Skateboarding in Afghanistan Provides a Diversion From Desolation

Afghan youth have taken to skateboarding since Oliver Percovich of Australia introduced it in Kabul.

Published: January 25, 2009

KABUL, Afghanistan — It looked like an ordinary neighborhood playground: six children tumbling off their skateboards to the tune of laughter. But only hours before, just 20 yards away, the body of a suicide car bomber was sprawled beside a glistening pool of blood.

Afghan youth have learned to recover almost instantly from such routine violence. One person determined to inject some normalcy into their lives is Oliver Percovich. A 34-year-old from Melbourne, Australia, he plans to open this country’s first skateboarding school, Skateistan, this spring. He sees sport as a way to woo students into after-school activities like English and computer classes, which are otherwise reserved for the elite.

“Teenagers are trying to dissociate from old mentalities, and I’m their servant,” Percovich said. “If they weren’t interested, I would’ve left a long time ago.”

Now, when he pulls his motorcycle into a residential courtyard here, a dozen youngsters pounce before it comes to a stop, yanking six chipped skateboards with fading paint off the back. The children, most participating in a sport for the first time in their war-hardened lives, do not want to waste any time.

Their skateboard park is a decrepit Soviet-style concrete fountain with deep fissures. The tangle of novice skaters resembles bumper cars more than X Games.

But Percovich has raised the money needed to build an 8,600-square-foot bubble to house the nonprofit Skateistan complex, and the Kabul Parks Authority has tentatively donated land. He is still waiting for official permission to begin the project. And since a spate of kidnappings and the car bombing in late November, he has reduced his daily sessions at the fountain to once or twice a week.

Among those who look forward to his visits is Maro, an elfin 9-year-old girl who was terrified of skateboarding at first.

“It gives me courage, and once I start skating, I completely forget about my fears,” she said.

All the children spoke through an interpreter.

Maro’s glittery Mickey Mouse shirt indicated middle-class status. She stood out from the street children in muddied clothes who shared the skate space. Because the sport is so new and unusual here, Percovich said, it may help mend the nation’s deep social and ethnic divisions.

for the rest of the article, click here:


the foundation's website :

shirts (expensive, sadly) :

Sunday, January 25, 2009

R.I.P. Little Randy

We'll miss you.

Condolences go out to his family and his other friends. It's always hard when someone dies young, especially when it's because of an overdose.

Btw for those of you who don't know him, Randy was a part of the Cincinnati punk rock scene. If you pray, please do so for his family and friends, and, if you do so, for him. If you're not into that (and also if you are), then please make decisions that will help make it easier for you to take better care of yourself. And please, please... try to be a positive influence on the people in your life and those you see everyday. You never truly know the impact your actions can have. It can save a life.


Friday, January 23, 2009

Death to the World Zine is BACK IN PRINT!!!!!

Orthodox Christian print zine, Death to the World: The Last True Rebellion, from Costa Mesa, CA is finally back in print!!! It has been around since 1994, reaching out to the punk scene in California and worldwide. It has been advertised in Maximum Rock'n Roll and distributed at punk shows. Check out the news on their site and issues and shirts they have on their site.

Official site
Saint Barnabas Antiochian Orthodox Church (the new home of DTTW)

In the wilderness of Northern California, Monks John and Damascene searched in hopes of finding a way to reach out to the Punk scene, which John had escaped. Seeing that the scene was full of kids that were sick of themselves and crippled by nihilism and despair, the Monks set out to give them the same hope that they found in Ancient Christianity. To do this, they decided to submit an article about Father Seraphim Rose in the popular magazine, Maximum Rock and Roll. When Father Damascene read over the magazine, he knew that they would never publish something like it. Struggling to show truth to the darkened subcultures, they tried again, but this time only placing an ad for Saint Hermans Brotherhood. They got a response from the editor, saying “What the @#*% is a Brotherhood?" and the Monks were told “We only run ads for music and 'zines*.” A light bulb went on and thus, Death to the World was born. The first issue was printed in the December of ’94 featuring a Monk holding a skull on cover. The hand-drawn bold letters across the top read “DEATH TO THE WORLD, The Last True Rebellion” and the back cover held the caption: “they hated me without a cause.” “These kids are sick of themselves," says Fr. Damascene, "and they feel out of place in this world. We try to open up to them the beauty of God's creation, and invite them to put to death ‘the passions,’ which is what we mean by ‘the world.’ God takes despair and turns it around to something positive. Selfish passions can then be redirected into love for God, as Mary Magdalene did. We talk about the idea of suffering because that is what the kids feel most strongly. We show that there can be meaning in suffering.” The first issue, decorated with ancient icons and lives of martyrs inside, was advertised in Maximum Rock and Roll and brought letters from all around the world. People from Japan, Lithuania, and Ireland wanted to get their hands on this new radical magazine. The mailing list grew and grew and the ‘zine was distributed at punks shows and underground hangouts. It was photocopied and passed around by hundreds who wanted to read about the radical lives of the lovers of truth and the mystery of monasticism. It was estimated that at one time, there were 50,000 in circulation.

Local free jazz outfit, Wasteland Jazz Unit, garners attention with American Tapes Release

"My favorite 2008 release from American Tapes. Sax and clarinet skronk over droning noise. I think the American Tapes description was Borbetomagus on meth, which is disturbingly accurate. I think it may be on other blogs as well but it's too good not to post here."

- No Not Fun Not No Blog
(Click for download and be sure to check out what else is on there.)

John Rich and John Lorenz from Wasteland Jazz Unit also run the Art Damage Lodge, a venue in Cincinnati, Ohio that showcases everything from experimental noise to free jazz to indie rock. In addition to running the venue, they also host the Art Damage Radio Show, which can be heard locally on WAIF 88.3 FM and on the internet via the station's website. I missed a No-Wave Movie Night there tonight and was going to buy one of their split LP's there. Dammit!!!

Wise Blood (solo project of ex-Pomegranates bassist)

Karl Spaeth, resident of Mason, OH and former bass player of The Pomegranates, is doing a solo project named Wise Blood. It's influenced by both Nick Cave and electronic folk, like fellow Cincinnati artists and friends, the Seedy Seeds. The result is a strong, mature album that, while its influences are noticeable, it carves out its own sound. He has made the self-titled album (albeit unmastered) available for free download. Check it out; you'll be glad you did.

1. Intro
2. A Lamb! A Holy Lamb!
3. Driftwood
4. How to Be a Lighthouse
5. This Man's Got Wise Blood
6. Dirty Hands
7. Interlude 1
8. Well, I Had a Revelation and...
9. Untitled
10. Balloons
11. A Ghost! A Holy Ghost!
12. Interlude 2
13. The Ballad of Ichabod Vincent for a Lady Lost at Sea
14. Amazing Grace/Outro


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

deleted per request

deleted per request of label.

Four Living Creatures and Sweet Nectar

Here are a couple of hard-to-find Christian hard rock releases from the mid-to-late 90's. These guys went on to form the bands Elder and Fell Desire. Enjoy!

Dreams, Daughters and Sons
Cassette. (1994 Nevermore Release)

Vocals, guitars - Joseph Albanese
Bass guitar - Jeremi Rodgers
Drums, Percussion, Backing vocals - Toby Tate
Additional guitars and vocals on Down the Stairs, guitars on Wedding Whim and The Red Earth - Matt Dentino


1. Love Like a Circle
2. Stop Smile
3. What is a Picture
4. Under the Raincloud
5. Down the Stairs
6. Ex Post Facto
7. Revolve Around
8. Parable
9. Wedding Whim
10. Grandfather
11. The Red Earth
12. Htraeder


(includes inner and outer cover art)

Four Living Creatures

Proletariat Poetry
Frozen Rope Records
Sweet Nectar (2 tracks)
Tired Face in Clown Paint
R.E.X. Records

Since the Sweet Nectar release has the same songs as the Four Living Creatures one, with the exception of two new tracks, I'm putting this up this way.


Buying tickets to a David Bazan (ex-Pedro the Lion; Headphones) house show?!??

(taken from the email that went out yesterday)

David will be playing a limited number of intimate house shows in 2009. This show in Portland will be limited to 35 tickets. No tickets will be sold at the door. You must buy tickets here to get into this show.



Saturday, January 3, 2009

Unbleeding: THE PRINT ZINE & revised Top 10 of '08

I got the fonts that i need and MS Office coming in the mail.

Btw revised top 10 of last year:

Spiritualized - Songs in A&E
Gridlink - Amber Gray
Portishead - Third
Mouth of the Architect - Quietly
Grouper - Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill
Massgrav - This War Will be Won by Meat Eaters
Robert Fripp and Brian Eno - Morningstar
Torche - Meanderthal
Decrepit Birth - Diminishing Between Worlds
Boris - Smile