Friday, October 30, 2009

Grindcore Download Heaven

The list of stuff on this site is way too long, but there's everything from grindcore to noisecore to goregrind to powerviolence, harsh noise, and more...

I Don't Believe In Magic

For a lot of us who grew up in the 80's and early 90's, a Macdonald's birthday party was the highlight of our childhood. Ronald Macdonald, Grimace, the Hamburglar, Mayor MacCheese... they were all a part of our imagination. Macdonald's was one of the most awesome places in the world, just like Toys'R’Us, and we'd constantly bother our parents to take us there for a happy meal (and the awesome toys that came with them…). But then one day, something terrible happened to all of us that would shake us to our core... Much like some of us had to learn that Santa Claus wasn't real; Macdonald's was not the wonderland that we thought it was...

After finally reaching that magical world beyond the counter, our world was shattered. The working conditions were miserable, the workers hated their jobs, it was dirty, and, worst of all… it was just like real life. No longer could we "believe in magic". Even the addition of indoor play places (which, it was eventually discovered, were extremely unsanitary... ball pits, anyone??? ) did nothing to change the fact that Macdonald's was NOT what we thought it was. But it gets worse… there was the crushing realization that Big Mac's didn’t come with toys. How could this be?!?? A hamburger that didn’t come with a toy??? Such a thing was unheard of!!! It was after all of this that something inside of us died and life would never be the same. Our innocence was gone. Ronald Macdonald was just another fake person in a long line of people who would let us down and leave us as bitter shells of what we once were...

So to Ronald Macdonald, all I have to say to you is that I hope there's a special place in hell for you… right next to Hitler... and Santa Claus…

Bad Covers of "Crazy Train"

Some songs get covered by everybody. And sometimes they make it onto albums or the recordings of live shows. I ran across some bad cover songs on youtube tonight and somehow discovered a ton of bad versions of this song. If you're going to listen to any of them, though, watch the last one... it's more than worth it...

And last, but not least...

Apparently Hammerfall Can't Cover Songs For The Life of Them

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Check Out Iris Book Cafe Downtown

The guy who originally opened up Kaldi's (RIP), and later sold it, started a coffee shop/book store/art gallery, with wireless internet access (of course) and a beautiful courtyard.  It was mentioned in the New York Times recently, so you should probably check it out.  I went there today for the first time and liked it a lot, so much so that I ended up spending money that I shouldn't have.  They serve food and have a wide range of coffee, tea, etc.  The book selection is great; I actually found a hardcover book of Sufi poetry for only eight dollars.  Needless to say, I bought it.  There was  also a paperback containing Thoreau's Walden and Civil Disobedience that I grabbed for only a buck-fifty.  In addition to books, they have used CD's and vinyl for sale and DVD's to rent.  Their vinyl selection is pretty decent and includes some interesting spoken word (I purchased an LP of some guy reading Civil Disobedience for only five dollars).  Most of the records are around five dollars, although there are also some ridiculously rare (and very expensive) records, from an original copy of the Stooges' Fun House to a bunch of ancient Rolling Stone albums.  Those range anywhere from twenty to forty dollars, but I'm told that the owner is willing to negotiate on price...

If you miss Kaldi's (back when it was good...), want some Ugandan coffee, are looking for some good books and vinyl, or whatever, make sure to stop by.  The support of small businesses from our community is crucial to their survival and the more of them we have... the more things that there are to do here.  And yeah, this isn't Portland or Chicago (which your friends probably moved back from a few days ago...), but we have some cool stuff here that you aren't going to find elsewhere.  Plus it's centrally located (Chicago, Detroit, Columbus, Dayton, Louisville, Lexington, Indianapolis, Cleveland, etc are all within a one-to-four hour drive) and has strong, supportive art and music scenes rich with talent.  Not to mention one of the best minor league hockey times EVER, strong college basketball and football teams, a football team that's played well over the past couple of years after fifteen years of no winning seasons, people aren't always in a rush to get somewhere and a crime rate lower than the majority of major cities (don't believe the hype about Clifton and Over-the-Rhine...).  Anyhow, hopefully I'll run into you sometime at Iris.  I'll probably be wearing my Mets cap or yarmulke (or both ;-).




Hours (I'm told that they are going to be open later in the near future):
Mon - Fri (8:00 am - 10:00 pm)
Sat: (11:00 am - 6:00 pm)
Sun: (11:00 am - 10:00 pm)
1331 Main Street (In between 13th and 14th streets)
Cincinnati, OH
(513) 381-BOOK (2665)


Facebook page:

Christian Darkwave and Dark Ambient

Continuing with last night (or this morning)'s theme, I decided to provide some links to Christian darkwave and dark ambient bands.  Some of them are very impressive (particularly Lycia) and I would strongly recommend at least giving them a listen.  And hey, at the very least, you won't have to deal with misogynistic or suicidal themes...

Lycia (Arizona)
Starting out in 1988, Lycia have made some of the more groundbreaking music within the darkwave genre.  Interestingly enough, Peter Steele (Type O Negative, Carnivore, etc) and Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails) are both fans.
- official myspace
- official website
- wikipedia entry
- page on Siber Records

Caul (USA)
Darkwave/dark ambient from Brett Smith of Blackmouth (of which Jarboe is a member, Tertium Non Data, and formerly of Trust Obey.  Excellent music.
- official website
- download Apophasis from netlabel Dark Winter
- page
- discogs page
- automatapedia page

Frolic (Orlando, FL)
Dark ambient, formerly on Velvet Empire, now on Projekt Records.
- official site
- official myspace
- projekt records page

Firmament (Orlando, FL)
Members of Frolic playing more ambient experimental/drone. Originally on Velvet Empire, now on . They've collaborated with Astral Projekt's Gabriel Chapman.
- official site

EnGrave (Pennsylvania)
Compilation of darkwave releases from Nathan Morris, owner of the short-lived Velvet Empire Records. Really, really good stuff...
- download entire "Polaris" album in flac or mp3 here

Christian Neo and Apocalyptic Folk

A word of warning for those of you delving into this... there is a "Christian military" and some weird "Tradition" thing going on with some European neo-folk Christian bands (NONE of which are linked here...) and they're pretty sketchy.  My personal opinion at this point is that it is part of an attempt to lure Christians into racist and fascist groups through its ideology.  A number of the bands in the Christian Martial and Neo-Folk group are into that, sadly, so I only posted the bands who weren't involved in any of that.  Also, there is a group for that crap and it's called "Cross & Crusaders", which I would recommend either steering clear of or researching before getting into it.  Anyhow, here we go...


 - BANDS -

 The Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus (UK)

- official myspace
- profile on BlabberJesus (yes, stupid name for a site, but whatever...)- download of Paradis album (OOP)
- page
- musicbrainz page

Lonsai Maikov (France)
- official myspace
- download The Smell of Knowledge
- page
- discogs page

Backworld (New York City)
- official site
- official myspace
- discogs page

Oda Relicta (Ukraine)
- official myspace

- page
- discogs page

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Episode #12 of Random Old Records Podcast Available Now + Local Coverage

Zach's post is about Weakness at the Comet, Lions Rampant, and the "Punk Rock Grandma" Pat Rice documentary. The newest podcast is his "tribute to the den mother of the girl groups, Ellie Greenwich, and it features damn near an hour of classic '60s pop from the likes of The Ronettes, The Crystals, Darlene Love, and more!".

If you're unfamiliar with his blog, here's Zach's description of it:

"Random Old Records blog, podcast, and print zine. I cover trashy, primitive garage, punk, psych, glam, and bubblegum, plus sleazy exploitation movies of the '70s. From Cincinnati, Ohio to the beyond. Download a podcast, read some trash. Thanks for lookin'!"

Check it out here!!

Weakness - AWESOME new Cincinnati garage/indie rock

Check them out here!!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sufi Poetry Translations

Naatamaam - Poetry, Words Parables

These are really cool. The ones on this site are mainly themed around love. Here's a couple:

Sa'adi - Who are Healthy Have No Pain

Who are healthy have no pain from wounds
I shall tell my grief to no one but a sympathizer
It is useless to speak of bees to one
who never in his life felt their sting.
As long as thy state is not like mine
My state will be but an idle tale to thee.

Mevlana - The beauty of the heart

The beauty of the heart
is the lasting beauty:
its lips give to drink
of the water of life.

Truly it is the water,
that which pours,
and the one who drinks.

All three become one when
your talisman is shattered.

That oneness you can't know
by reasoning.

Nurse With Wound Live With David Tibet - April 7, 2007

Saturday, October 10, 2009

It's been awhile, but we're back!!!!!!!!!!!

A lot of things have happened since my last entry here.

- I was hired by Citybeat to write about music for them. Mainly metal, hardcore, crust punk (hoping to get a friend to write for that and stoner stuff, though...), and noise. They're starting me out with the Sound Advice column in the... November 4-10 issue?? I'll be writing about the Ramming Speed show at Blue Rock (which is FREE!!!) on the 8th and the Cannibal Corpse/Hatebreed show at Bogart's the same day.

- I stopped caring about what people think of me, which has resulted in my doing some things that people found surprising. Got a short haircut, started regularly shaving, have been wearing my contacts semi-regularly again, went back to wearing button-up shirts, wearing my yarmulke regularly, put up an Israeli flag in my window, bought an IDF wool sweater, decided to form a grindcore band instead of a black metal one, have been working on a solo worship music project, claimed edge (well, that was in late May, but still...), stopped posting on the main local music message board, started attending Crossroads Christian Church in Oakley, joined a house church with a bunch of really cool people who are genuinely happy and joyful, despite being members of various underground music subcultures and rejecting conservative politics (well, most of them...) without being whiny about it. I'm happy for the first time in six or seven years and I'm finally starting to realize that God really does love me. I'm actually feeling joyful, and my life has been transformed...