Saturday, June 26, 2010

Some of the best indie rock I've heard recently

The band is called Women and they're from Canada.  Their influences, which don't prevent them from sounding fairly unique, are said to include the Velvet Underground, Swell Maps, This Heat, and the Zombies.  I hear some early Pink Floyd, Beach Boys, and shoegaze in it, too.  Their self-titled album has some total summer jams on it.  They have a new album, Public Strain, coming out on September 28th.

They've worked with the labels Jagjaguwar, Flemish Eye, and Contradrede.

PETS! PERSONIFIED (Drunken Abrasive Noise-Pop from Cincinnati, Ohio


They just have demos up so far, but holy cow is this stuff good... Download their Spinning Kittens demo in mp3 or FLAC format for FREE!!!  Jacob Levin (CAVES, kasparov) and Casey Backus are behind this project.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

I’m doing a spoken word thing on July 7th @ the Mockbee Building

It’s at a hardcore punk show. So far, the bands Lords (Louisville, KY) and I Fail (Cincy) are on the bill.  Kaleb’s looking to put another one on it.  As for the Mockbee Building, it’s at 2260 Central Parkway in Cincinnati (near the neighborhood of Brighton).  For more information about the venue, go here.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Changes Coming to Cincinnati D.I.Y.

Harry's leaving this month for grad school in Texas, so he decided to hand off the poster-making and message board for Cincinnati DIY.  Instead of having one person run both of them, he's giving the responsibilities to two different people.  I'm going to be running the board (I'm a co-administrator right now) and Brian Uhl is going to in charge of the posters.

By the way, I made a few changes to the forums.  They weren't all that major; just tweaking it to be more streamlined, really.  I have plans for it that include buying a domain name (which will make it a lot easier for people to remember the website address... haha), making a portal for it as an entryway, which will have the latest news and a scrolling calendar, etc.

Also, there's going to be a going-away party for Harry at Bikehaus later this month.  Please come, as we've all benefited greatly from the hard work that he's done.

While we do have artists for the flyers booked through the rest of the year, we want to make it absolutely clear that ANYONE (literally, ANYONE) can design one.  The only requirement is that you make it legible.

Brody's Militia/Black Market Fetus 7" EP and The Lions Rampant CD Reviewed in Maximum Rock'n Roll

Maximum Rock'n Roll #325 June 2010

BLACK MARKET FETUS / BRODY'S MILITIA - "Unhindered by Scum" split EP

Right away I noticed the cover as a parody of NAPALM DEATH's Scum art. Oddly enough the artwork seems to depict a concert for the dead masses and the band names of of some crappy heavy and classic rock bands all over. Odd...even a HAWKWIND t-shirt on some sort of dead dude. Right, the music-well, looking at the track listing, there is another hint of a semi-tribute to early grindcore. Each band plays a couple originals but in addition, BLACK MARKET FETUS does a cover of NAPALM DEATH'S "Human Garbage" and BRODY'S MILITIA does covers of SORE THROAT's "The Crossover is Over" and "The Return of the Son of the Crossover is Over." Both bands rip through some great new grindcore tracks. Good stuff. (MH)
(Give Praise)

THE LIONS RAMPANT - "It's Fun to Do Bad Things" CD

You probably only need one image to picture what the music sounds like on this CD. Fortunately, it is on the back cover. Three shirtless guys standing on the roof of one of those '70's-style custom vans while fireworks go off in the background. If that doesn't do it for you, I'll spell it out. The music is Southern-tinged hard rock. One song has "cocaine" in the title and another has "gin" in its title. Yawn. (CK)
(Deep Elm)