Friday, January 3, 2014

Favorite Albums of 2013

Welp, I finally got this thing finished.  It's probably lacking some things in the metal category, but whatever.  This took long enough to compile as it is.  Deal with it.


bold - one of thee best albums of the year overall
* - Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky artist
+ - Ohio artist

- Post-Punk, Noise Rock -

iceage - You're Nothing (and the version w/two bonus tracks - LP/CD/digital)
*Mardou - Cardigan EP (CDr/digital/two songs are on a 7" lathe)
New Tongues - We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For (CD/LP/digital)
*Vacation - Candy Waves (CD/LP)
*The Socials - The Beast Bites (7")
Beastmilk - Climax (LP/CD/digital)
*Gazer - Phone Commercial EP (CDr/digital)
Pissed Jeans - Honeys (LP/CD)
Raspberry Bulbs - Deformed Worship (LP/CD/digital)

- Metal -

Vestiges/Panopticon - Split (LP/digital)
Merkstave - s/t (LP)
Portal - Vexovoid (LP/CD/digital)
The Body - Christs, Redeemers (2xLP/CD/digital)

Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats - Mind Control (LP/CD/digital)
Suffocation - The Pinnacle of Bedlam (LP/CD/digital)
Darkthrone - The Underground Resistance (LP/CD/digital)
*Funerary Box - Defiling Sacred Ground (7")
*Ethicist - s/t EP (tape/digital) and the new digital tracks
*Highgate - Survival (CD/digital/LP coming?)
*Grey Host - Dawn for Vultures (CD/Digital)
Deafheaven - Sun Bather (LP/CD/digital)
*Valdrin - Beyond the Forest (CDr)
Ash Borer - Bloodlands EP (CD?/LP?/digital)
Usnea - s/t (LP/digital)
Woe - Withdrawal (LP/CD?/digital)

- Hardcore Punk, Crust, Screamo -

Narcoleptics - demo (digital, tape)
Hoax - s/t (CD/LP/digital)
Rifle Diet - s/t (7")
Left for Dead - Devoid of Anything (CD?/LP/digital)

Nails - Abandon All Life (LP/CD/digital)
Doomriders - Grand Blood (CD/LP/digital)
*Various - Wheel in the Sky: A Tribute to Metallica (CD)
*Crushed Velvet - Exiled on Abbey Road demo (tape/digital)
*Trees (US) - demo 2013 (tape/digital)
Wartorn - Iconic Nightmare (LP/CD/digital)

 - Punk Rock -

+All Dogs - s/t (7"/digital)
Son of a Gun & the Morons - split (7"/digital)
*The Subsets - Ape Facin' EP (CDr/7")
*The Lockland Brakes - Unwelcome in My Head (CDr/digital?)

- Hip-Hop -

Gucci Mane - The State vs. Radric Davis: The Caged Bird Sings II (digital/?)
*Eugenius - Fugue State | the mixtape, Beast Extraordinaire volume II, both singles (digital)

Kanye West - Yeezus
Death Grips - No Love Deep Web

-Grindcore, Powerviolence, Noisecore-

Sick/Tired - King of Dirt (digital/LP)
0cadavernamedalison0 - 0cadavernamedAmyblue0 (digital)
Agents of Abhorrence - Relief (LP/?)
Sick/Tired - Lowlife (tape/digital)
Standing on a Floor of Bodies/Hiroshima Vacation - "Falling Into Hell From the Grave" - split EP (digital and vinyl)
Lifes - Demo (tape/digital)
Sea of Shit - s/t (10"/digital)
+Pizza Hi-Five - 2010-2012 vinyl collection (tape)
Archagathus/Nak'ay - Split (10")
+Pizza Hi-Five/Sorcerer Torturer - Split (tape)
*Self-Surgery - [all three demos] (digital) and Split w/Sorcerer Torturer (tape)
*Erectile Dementia - 25 More Songs! (tape)
*Forced Opinion - Life in Fear (tape/digital)
Weekend Nachos - Still (LP/CD/digital)
Total Fucking Shit - Noise Core Fuck Ups (digital, tape?)
Hatred Surge - Human Overdose (LP/?)

- Noise, Power Electronics, Industrial -

*hunterquinn - VanitySelector (digital/CD/tape)
Baptizer - 2013 tour demo (CDr), Dark Age (CDr), split w/Wampo (tape/digital), split with xNephalistx (tape/digital), Untitled 5-minute ep (digital), Mindkamph (tape/digital)
+Shrive - Nothing Works Here (tape/digital)

*Uncle Dave Lewis and Troy Gallagher - The Rats Eat the Cats (CDr/digital)
Scant - Not Guilty by Reason of Mental Disease or Defect (tape/digital)
Penchant - Hot Hoodrat (tape/digital)
*Shredded Nerve - Failing to Maintain (tape/digital)
Swollen Organs - Hypocrite Scum (3" CDr/digital)
Ritual Sex Glutton - The Great Dismal Swamp (CDr)
Citizen 2-13 - 2013 Tour (3" CDr)
*Clavicula Salomonis - Capsizing In Seas Of Endless Woe (tape/digital)
*MBD/FELDI - split (tape/digital)
*MBD/Clavicula Salomonis - split (tape/digital)
Rosarium² - Sigillum (CD/digital)
NIN - Hesitation Marks (digital/CD/LP)
*Treebeard & FELDI - Long-Forgotten Indian Tribes Fight Battles On My Chest (digital)

- Garage Rock -

+Obnox - Corrupt Free Enterprise (2xLP/CD)
The Nervous Ticks - Appalachian Hunger (tape/digital)
+Army of Infants/The Black Shades - split (tape/digital)
*Tweens - demo (CDr)

Foxygen - We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace and Magic

- Shoegaze, Indie Rock -

My Bloody Valentine - mbv (digital/LP/CD?)
True Widow - Circumambulation (LP/CD?)
Chelsea Wolfe - Pain is Beauty LP/CD
*Sailing Stones - demo

*Even Tiles - The Lower Tangent (CD/LP?/digital)
Speedy Ortiz - Major Arcana (CD?/LP/digital)

- Rock, Psych Rock -

Can - The Lost Tapes (CD/LP/digital)
Mutoid Man - Helium Head (CD/LP/tape/digital)
*Electric Citizen - both 45's (vinyl/digital)