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Way Ahead Of Time - 95%
peterott, May 7th, 2004

This is the most extreme, chaotic DeathBlack music ever recorded !!!

Formed in the early 80es, Parabellum wrote the music which is on this record already in 1984, but it was not recorded before 1987.

The simplicity and brutality of the sound makes a joke of every wannabe-Black Metal from today. This is pure evil and madness.

Maybe this band was ahead of its time for more than 10 years. Consider: When Hellhammer (1982) and Poison/Germany (1982) were founded, they were considered as the heaviest bands at that time and as the fouders of Black Metal. Parabellum has not only to be included here, but they really were 10 times more brutal than any other existing band at that time.

Review from The Corroseum:

Despite being recorded and released after their cult debut 12", "Mutacion Por Radiacion" sound a lot older. Soundwise this is a pure demo/rehearsal recording and isn't nearly as brutal as "Sacrilegio", but musically it's the same sick and insane stuff we've learned to love on their previous effort. The doomy "Bruja Maltida" is a stomping, mutant troll of a song, really abrasive and anti-catchy.

Try playing old HELLHAMMER demos backwards and you might hear something similar. I fucking love it. And their unique brand of noisy, monotonous "soloing" is more relentless than ever at the end of this song. I had no idea you could actually do that to a guitar! Is it even legal? OK, so musical instruments are usually dead things, but PARABELLUM are pushing the limits here to what could be considered cruel even to inanimate matter like guitar strings, speakers, mikes etc.

The title track is a bit of a sidestep from their other stuff. It's pretty much a brutal oi/crust punk song, infused with some really cold, hateful Doom & Death Metal breaks. Great one as well, but on a PARABELLUM-scale it's rather straight-forward - a statement which then again means absolutely zilch out in the real world.

The insert states that this EP was recorded in late '87, but that the songs were written already back in '84. Aiming to be the most brutal band in the universe in an age where TWISTED SISTER were considered challenging - and succeeding with flying colors! - is always applauded by this reviewer, especially when the end result turn out so ingenious and original. Unfortunately this was the last release of the band, but some members kept the warmachine turning in other revered underground acts such as BLASFEMIA and MASACRE. I've heard a rumor that MPR was only released in 100 copies, but the source is unfortunately not the most trustworthy. Fact is that it does pop up every once in a while at distributors/traders of rare SoAm Metal and I've seen it once or twice on e-bay, but if you truly want a copy I suggest you don't let it out of your sight once you spot it, coz whatever the edition is, I can assure you it's not exactly getting more common with time.

Couldn't find any info about this Brazilian release, but they've put out recent material...

Necrobutcher (Brazil) - Schizophrenic Christianity

From Nuclear War Now!'s Bandcamp for a compilation of the band's material:

Necrobutcher are among the many legendary bands that emerged in the late 1980’s and gave birth to a primitive strain of Black Metal that is unique to Brazil. This LP collects all of the existing output from this band whose approach deviated considerably in certain ways from more iconic Brazilian Death Metal bands. Both of the demos as well as the rehearsal recordings featured here were recorded in 1989. Necrobutcher adhered to no particularly discernible set of rules. Their sound is rugged and blown out. Their songwriting lies predominantly in the space between Death Metal and Grindcore. Their imagery and lyrical content are decidedly blackened and blasphemous. Few of their songs extend beyond the one-minute mark with many clocking in at 30 seconds or less. Indeed, the only long track in their catalog is their cover of Sarcofago’s “Nightmare.” Most of Necrobutcher’s demo material is fast and violent. The guitars are brittle and wretched. The rhythm section is furious and out of control. Vocals, like distorted howls, saturate the sound when present. Brought together, the effect is alcoholic and unholy. Words do little to convey the effect of these demo and rehearsal recordings. Necrobutcher’s music is about sensory destruction and, as such, must be felt to be appreciated.

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Patriarch Twal Condemns Israeli Demolition of Patriarchate Property


BETHLEHEM – Bulldozers of the Jerusalem Municipality, accompanied by Israeli Security forces, demolished the property on the Jerusalem-Hebron road, near the northern checkpoint number 300. This was a residential property of about 140 square meters, on which lived a family of 14 people.

The Patriarch’s statement came during his visit to inspect the demolished home, in the company of Bishop William Shomali, Patriarchal Vicar of Jerusalem, and Bishop Giacinto Boulos Marcuzzo, Patriarchal Vicar for Israel, Father Humam Khzouz, General Director of the Patriarchate, Father George Ayoub, Chancellor; a number of priests, the director of the Patriarchate Endowment, lawyers, engineers;  consuls of foreign countries, including Italy and Belgium;  representatives of churches and institutions; and a crowd of journalists from local and foreign news agencies.

In a press conference held at the site of the demolished home, the Patriarch said “looking upon a painful and upsetting scene raises discontent and anger. There is no justification for the demolition, but when the municipality and the Israeli government enact demolitions and displace people from their homes, these practices increase hatred and endanger the future of peace. This land has belonged to the Latin Patriarchate long before 1967. The Patriarchate possesses the official deed, and all legal paperwork proving ownership. Even worse, the legal tenants of the property, Mr. Salameh Abu Tarbush and his family, were taken by surprise by the demolition.”

The Patriarch added “We are the rightful/lawful owners, and you will hear our voice before all governments worldwide, and we will take legal action in appropriate courts to rectify this injustice, to bring back justice and rebuild this home. We have willpower and a spirit of belonging to this land of our ancestors, this sacred land which is home of our past, present and future.”

The home’s residents spoke about the displacement, which was carried out in the early hours of the morning, rendering them suddenly homeless. Their living situation is now tragic, in the open without shelter. The Red Cross is providing them with tents and assistance.

The lawyer of the Latin Patriarchate, Mr. Mazen Copti, confirmed the illegality of the demolition of this home and land declaring, “We will take all legal measures against the municipality of Jerusalem and the Israeli Ministry of the Interior to rebuild the house as it was.”

Source : HCEF

Photos : AK



BESTIAL WAR (Brazil) - "Ripping Christ Off Cross" Demo 1988 (Track 2 - "Desecration")

I once called Necrófago the second most primitive Brazilian metal band. Surely you have been wondering for years what the most primitive one is. Bestial War, naturally. Forget the invention of death metal. These cavemen pretty much invented Norwegian black metal too.

The Ripping Christ Off Cross demo can probably only be deciphered by the band themselves. Although, from what I can gather, they play in such an out-of-control death-thrash style that I wonder if they are even playing together or are all just going into their own tangents. Wouldn't that be something? The drummer fails to keep things as a group, with his incessant brutalizing of the drums. These can't be beats folks, he's probably just using his bare knuckles instead of drum sticks, bleeding all over the set with numb feeling. Instead of his actual thrashing blasts, he sounds like he is distantly pounding two wood blocks together to simulate a pounding snare. The guitarist uses a distinct tremolo style. Mainly you can hear him buzz sawing it right through, with the exception of a start up riff. This is a close style to what Genocidio's guitarist sounds like on their first EP. He adds a few solos that sound like sporadic, one-dimensional fillers, using whichever notes are quickest to his fingers. The problem with Bestial War, though, is they fail to even entertain someone when using just a simplistic and barbaric brand of music. The riffs use a fast-for-the-sake-of-fast mentality, while not actually keeping up with themselves to be worthwhile. All of this is blended in with the vocalist screaming his head off into the microphone. This is one pissed off guy. I'll give them that. He gives it all his lungs and vocal chords can take, with him screaming all over the place. For the most part, I wouldn't be surprised if it was improvised. I mean, what would be the point in having thought through lyrics when the music is this wild? It might as well be instant chaos.

NECROFAGO (Brazil) - "Brutal Mutilation" Demo (1987)

South America, and Brazil in particular, had a huge metal scene in the 1980s... Of the bands I’ve heard, Necrófago are the second most primitive metal band from Brazil.  “Brutal Mutilation”... combines a piss-raw recording with genuinely bizarre songwriting and technique. There are tempo changes, guitar squeals, and unpredictable cymbal crashes that seem more inspired by friendliness with a gluebag than imitation of any previous metal bands I’ve heard. The thin, trebly guitar sound, thudding atonal bass, and primitive drumming give the second demo a feel of proto-black metal.

- Necrófago | Shit-Fi

DEAD (Tampa Bay, FL) - "Musical Abortions" Demo (1986)

Dead, from Florida, who released the “Musical Abortions” demo in 1986 set a new standard in ultra-rough, totally unhindered by talent, shit-fi metal. Few who are not readers of Shit-Fi would likely appreciate this, well, musical abortion. Check the review on Metal Archives: “Before going ahead with the review I'd like to point out that I myself am a fan of very raw, primitive music on the occasion. I am fully aware of the purposes and goals of such a style of production and composition, and I can confidently say that when done right, that shit kicks ass. . . . However, that being said, it is the single worst sounding pieces of recorded music that I have ever heard.” Indeed. Trust me: metal like this—which verges on industrial and/or noise—should be left to punks to appreciate, because ‘bangers just don’t seem to get it.

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Maryland Deathfest Announces 30 More Bands for Next Year, Including MUTILATION RITES and SICK/TIRED

Happy Halloween, folks!

Let's start off with 30 newly confirmed bands for MDF XII!

Aeternus (Norway) - Exclusive US appearance!
Arcagathus (Canada)
Birdflesh (Sweden)
Coffins (Japan)
Creative Waste (Saudi Arabia)
Cryptic Slaughter
Enthroned (Belgium) - Exclusive US appearance!
Entrails (Sweden)
Final Conflict
In Disgust
Mesrine (Canada)
Mitchondrion (Canada)
Mutilation Rites
Necros Christos - Exclusive US appearance!
Orator (Bangladesh)
Ratos de Porão (Brazil) - Exclusive US appearance!
Rotting Out
Stapled Shut
War Master
Whitehorse (Australia)
Wrathprayer (Chile)

Portal and The Body Debut Scary New Music Videos Today


Latest Raspberry Bulbs album sounds like post-punk meets hardcore...

Check it out on Spotify -

Raspberry Bulbs – Deformed Worship

Seems that this has been the year of a thousand killer post-punk albums...

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Here's My List of the All-Time Best Metal Albums to Come From OHIO

Sorry for the lack of updates.  I've been focusing on making music and taking it easy because of my health.  Anyhow, I felt like doing a "best of" list for Ohio metal and well, let's just say that it was pretty easy...


- Discography -

Name     Type     Year     Reviews

Ritual of Darkness     Demo     1987     1 (82%)
Rotting Christ     Demo     1989     1 (5%)
Killed by the Cross     EP     1990    
Impale the Soul of Christ on the Inverted Cross of Death     Demo     1991     1 (84%)
The Guts of Christ     Demo     1993    
Face of Evil     Demo     1995    
Nunslaughter / Bloodsick     Split     1997     1 (82%)
Nunslaughter / Dekapitator     Split     1998     1 (81%)
Evil Speaks     Demo     1998    
Begotten Son / Evil Dreams     Split     1999    
Trafficking with the Devil     Split     1999    
Blood Devil     EP     1999    
Hell's Unholy Fire     Full-length     2000     3 (87%)
Trifurcate     EP     2000    
One Night in Hell     Live album     2001     1 (76%)
Hell on Switzerland     EP     2001     1 (83%)
Rehearsal 1987     EP     2001    
Devil Metal     Live album     2001    
Satan is Metal's Master / Sperm of the Antichrist     Split     2001    
Hell on Germany     EP     2001    
Radio Damnation     Live album     2001     3 (85%)
Hell on Belgium     EP     2001    
Nunslaughter / Dr. Shrinker     Split     2001     1 (90%)
Hate Your God     Demo     2002    
Nunslaughter / Cianide     Split     2002    
Satanic Salvation / Live Desecration     Split     2002    
Hell on Spain     EP     2002    
Waiting to Kill Christ     Compilation     2002    
Nunslaughter     Compilation     2002    
Tasting the Blood of Your Savior...Before His Soul Was Impaled     EP     2003    
Fuck the Posers     Split     2003    
Hell on Austria     Live album     2003    
Hail Germania     Split     2003    
Goat     Full-length     2003     3 (97%)
Satanic Sluts     Single     2003    
Rotting     Single     2003    
Cerebus     EP     2003     1 (75%)
Blasphemer     Single     2004    
Back to the Crypt / Sadist     Split     2004    
Scorn on the 4th of July     Split     2004    
On Our Way to Hell / Return of the Hellhorde     Split     2004    
Hate Your God     Compilation     2004    
Hell on France     EP     2004    
The Supreme Beast     EP     2004    
Metal Assault on Canberra     EP     2004    
The Bog People     EP     2004    
Foreshadow / Reaper of Man     Split     2004    
Burn the Cross     EP     2004    
Flesh Descending / Satan Shitting on Cunt     Split     2004    
Christmassacre     EP     2004    
Cryptic     Split     2005    
The Day We Die     Compilation     2005    
Open Spulchre     Compilation     2005    
Ritual of Darkness / Rehearsal 1987     Compilation     2005    
Hell on Europe     Compilation     2005    
Slutty Cryptic Mother     EP     2005    
Cut God Out / Feasting on Purulence     Split     2005     1 (71%)
Bedeviled     Split     2005    
Metal Assault on Australia     DVD     2005    
Fathers of Fright     EP     2006    
Fuck That Cunt     EP     2006    
Fuck the God in Heaven     EP     2006     1 (81%)
The Devil Has His Day     Compilation     2006    
DEMOSlaughter     Boxed set     2006    
Metal Assault on Adelaide     EP     2006    
Metal Assault on Sydney     EP     2006    
Punk as Fuck     Split     2006    
Nunslaughter / Sloth     Split     2007    
Eastern Illusion     Compilation     2007    
Nunslaughter / Destructor     Split     2007    
Damned in Japan     Boxed set     2007    
Hex     Full-length     2007     1 (75%)
Radical Rapture Ruptures     Live album     2007    
Nordic Nightmare Tour 2007     EP     2007    
An Evening at War     Live album     2007    
Hellidelphia     DVD     2007    
The Curse Before the Hex     EP     2007    
Maggots     Split     2007    
Gravewürm / Nunslaughter     Split     2007     1 (78%)
Nunslaughter / Unholy Grave     Split     2007    
To Hell with Cleveland     Split     2007    
Hell on Holland     EP     2008     1 (70%)
Novel Nasty Nugget     Compilation     2008    
Nunslaughter / Rabid     Split     2008    
Damned in Japan 2005     DVD     2008    
Грехи Отца     Compilation     2008    
All of the Dead     Compilation     2008    
Unholy Hell     EP     2009    
Demoslaughter     Compilation     2009     1 (80%)
European Excommunication Tour 2009     EP     2009    
Padova 18 Marzo 2009 - Tour EP Commemorative     EP     2009    
Satanic Masturbation / Under Satan's Command     Split     2009    
Club Cobra Control     Live album     2009    
Nunslaughter / Goatsodomy     Split     2009    
Satanic Slut Spawns     Live album     2009    
Metal Assault on Melbourne & Brisbane     Live album     2009    
SathaSlaughter     EP     2009    
Raid the Country Star (Live in Padova, Italy 3/18/09)     Live album     2009    
Nunslaughter / Radiolokátor     Split     2009    
Evil Hellbangers 2     Split     2010    
Black     EP     2010     1 (80%)
Towards the North 2010 Tour     EP     2010    
Tejano Tour March 6-7 2010     Split     2010    
Evil Hellbangers     Split     2010    
Nunslaughter / Fetus Eaters     Split     2010    
Nunslaughter / SMG     Split     2010    
Live Devils in the City of Angels     Live album     2010    
Raped by HungariaNuns     Live album     2011    
Nunslaughter / Agathocles     Split     2011    
Defacing Holy Icons / Throne of Sluts     Split     2011    
Fucking Satan     Split     2011    
Sabbatical Nunslaughter Goat Metal Assault     Split     2011    
Live in Aurora Illinois     Live album     2011    
Jew Lie     Single     2011    
Desecration over Sabahells     Live album     2012    
Hells Unholy Rough Mix     EP     2012    
The Hammer of Satan     Split     2012    
Forward to Hell     Live album     2012    
Live Devils in the City of Angels     DVD     2012    
NunSlaughter / Fetid Zombie     Split     2012    
Live Mexicali, Mexico     EP     2012    
Nunslaughter / Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium     Split     2012    
Near the Catacombs     Live album     2012    
The Danish Murders     Live album     2012    
Nunslaughter / Unburied     Split     2012    
Possessed By Death Metal     Live album     2013    
Noctis     EP     2013    
Death Rituals     Split     2013    
Live in Clifton New Jersey     Live album     2013    
South East Asia Rehearsal     EP     2013    
Nunslaughter / Antiseen     Split     2013    
The Devils Congeries Vol. 1     Compilation     2013      


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Lazy Sunday Afternoon Playlist

I listened to a bunch of stuff this afternoon while online and kept track of it.  Most of it was streaming audio (primarily on bandcamp), but the PSYCHIC BLOOD release was a free CDR I picked up at their recent show.  My idea was partly influenced by Shawn Abnoxious' posts on his blog ...THWART! where he lists what tracks come up on shuffle while he mows his lawn (which you should totally check out...).  Anyhow, like COOLIO once said let's "come and ride on a fantastic voyage, slide, slide, slippity-slide, with switches on the block in a '65..."


**This album was entirely "fan-funded".  It was engineered, produced, mixed, and mastered by Chad Wahlbrink.  The band did co-produce it, though.**

"desdemona" (An upbeat, "well-crafted pop song."  Apologies for the cliche, guys...)
"a lulling" (Nice little ballad.)
"the pace yrself" (This is a really good song... one of the best I've heard from a local band in awhile.)
"a rectangle song" (Good song, I enjoyed the rest of the tracks on here...)
"grow old"
"common knowledge"
"mary anette"
"albatross" (This is actually the album opener.)

PSYCHIC BLOOD - Nightmare Beaches (2013 Tour EP CDR)

"burning wave" (Boring intro.)
"jagged brain" (This is what I classify as "reverb revival rock."  It's good music buried under a wall of too much reverb.  Nowhere near as annoying as Fleet Foxes, but it's still enough to bug me.  I've seen them live and they were great, but this was kinda disappointing.  The other tracks are better, but I wasn't in the mood to listen to the whole EP today.)

KING KRULE - 6 Feet Beneath the Moon

"easy easy" (Didn't really grab my attention, but I wasn't in the mood for it.)

LA SERA - Sees the Light

"how far we've come now" (Great pop song!)
"i can't keep you in my mind" (AWESOME!  Very catchy...)
"please be my third eye" (Good track!)

MEGADETH - United Abominations

"never walk alone...a call to arms" (One of Megadeth's "softer" songs.  I think it's about God?  Great guitar work, duh...)

SOFT OPENING - Soft Opening

"1" (Slow-but-driving psychedelic rock.  Tasteful reverb on the vocals, some yelling towards the end.  Goes back-and-forth between tension-building and swirling guitars.)
"5" (A longer and somewhat droney psychedelic track with enough interesting stuff going on to maintain my attention.)
"6" (Same as above, but my short attention span got the best of me toward the last :30 or so.)

VARIOUS - Magic Bullet Records Free Digital Sampler Volume One  

**Note: This was not played in order.**

BOYSETSFIRE - "bled dry" (This is a more "chug-chug" hardcore track, which really threw me off, considering who it's from!!!  It's okay, but I didn't really get into it.)
INTEGRITY - "lucifer before the day doth go" (Awesome - I love the solos!!!!!!)
HIGHNESS - "crepuscular rays" - (This is really good...)
MUTOID MAN (memb. of CONVERGE) - "gnarcissist" (BEST TRACK ON HERE BY FAR!!!!!!  HEAVY ROCK AND ROLL!!!!!!!!!)
IRON REAGAN - "cycle of violence" (Good - reminds me of early-90's "old school" or "youth crew" hardcore.)
CORN ON MACABRE - "you're okay, i'm undead" (I liked this a lot!)
PERSEKUTOR - "power frost" (Sounds like a Bridge 9 band attempting to play black metal - it's too polished and doesn't come off well to me...)
ROT IN HELL - "parthenogenesis (clip)" (Tight, but boring intro!)
WORMWOOD - "hollow black eyes" (One of the best tracks!!!)
HEADLESS DOGS - "whites"
THE INFAMOUS GEHENNA - "crush opposition" (I'm not into metalcore anymore.  This was well-done, but I just wasn't into it.)
KILL LIFE w/DWID - "snake kills whole family" (I dig Dwid's vocals and the overall vibe.  It's good, but didn't blow me away.)
I AM HERESY - "seven wolves and the daughters of the apocalypse"
CHRISTIE FRONT DRIVE - "turn" (I miss this sorta stuff.  Emo-pop from a band you might remember.)
IDES OF GEMINI - "darkness at noon" (BORING)
CHARLIE AND BRENT - "07/18/11" (Charles Manson and MBR owner Brent Eyestone having a conversation.  It's hilarious and not in a creepy way.)
THIS WILL DESTROY YOU - "a three legged workhorse (live)" (One of the best instrumental bands today.  They've been featured on the soundtracks of movies and their music has been used by a number of Christian ministries in violation of copyright.  They're considered "post-rock", but I think that term does them a disservice.  There's a lot more to their sound than crescendos and "pretty parts" that follow some sort of formula and fit into an easily-labelled "sound".  It's just really good intrumental music that makes sense in a movie soundtrack, but anyone could enjoy.)

Tuesday, August 13, 2013





DROMEZ (Austin,TX piercing Harsh Noise)
DIAPHRAGMATIC (Dayton junk abuse)
RYAN MATTOX (Dayton blackened noise)
DISCRETION (Cincy dense HNW)
MBD (Cincy brutal HN)

9:00 PM



Come get loud, weird, and noisy on a Thursday at Chameleon!


BRITCHES (St. Louis, MO)

9PM // $5



+21...YOU WILL NEED TO SHOW ID. $3 admission with ALL of the door money going to the band. Drink specials: $2 pbrs, $3 Yuengling drafts, and $10 domestic buckets

Live music featuring:

The Flesh Pets

The Socials

The Mudlarks

The Mr. Pilgrim


Cincylvania DIY goth party!!!

Friday, 30 August 
@ Chameleon 4114 Hamilton Ave.

9pm / no cover / only threatre ov pain mummyfucker

punishing INDUSTRIAL
deviant PUNK from HELL

hosted by DJ INHUMAN and other cretins...
don't you dare act like you never heard of Halloween
so dress deathrock and put the "FUN" back in FUNeral

Friday, August 9, 2013



GNAT! were good as usual, playing their snotty and perverted "degradation punk" with bratty vocals that reminded me of X-RAY SPEX.  They had some equipment problems, but I mean, it's punk, so who cares?  Their debut CD, Gnasty, is out now on Realicide Youth Records.  You can buy and listen to it here.

CRUSHED VELVET fucking slayed.  One of the best performances AND crowd receptions for a local hardcore band in Cincinnati in ages.  They started with what sounded like the b-side of BLACK FLAG's My War, which had people a bit confused at first.  Someone even leaned over to me and "Is this what all their stuff is like???".  I wasn't real into that part of their set (or even that part of My War) and it probably went over some people's heads, but I think it accomplished its purpose.  After that, they ripped into some crazy hardcore punk that turned the room into a giant mosh pit, with people going nuts.  You really can't ask for more out of a demo release show, especially here.  They're pretty low on copies, but you can listen to and download it on their bandcramp.

STOIC VIOLENCE from Long Beach, California, had the misfortune of following CRUSHED VELVET up, but were just as killer.  Very, very fast hardcore punk.  And despite the weather, they were all decked-out in jackets made of leather.

ABDUCTION were the final band and they played tough, moshy hardcore with an X-Files theme.  They drew a lot of people from the straightedge hardcore crowd here and just fucking destroyed.  Easily the best local band playing this stuff in a long time.  They played a Nirvana cover.  I highly recommend checking them out.

The show ended and cleared out early.  Some spangers, acid casualties, and a few people who came from Junker's Tavern (which closes early) wandered in.  Jen queued up some ELECTRIC WIZARD on the jukebox and asked me to put on some music with the rest of the credits.  Some comical awkwardness between me and a few drunk people afterward occurred and I caught a ride home just before closing time.

Unfortunately, some property damage at this show and the one the night before contributed to the club owner deciding to not have hardcore, metal, and shit there anymore.  Way to go, guys.  Now we have one less place for shows.

[ EDIT: The Chameleon is still having punk shows.  Don't know what happened to cause the confusion, but all shows there are back on. Also, Abduction did a Nirvana cover, not Stoic Violence.  Lastly, I am an idiot. ]

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Thanx to Mammyspanx for Parodying That Awful "Cincinnati USA" Video

If you've seen the recent abomination that the Chamber of Commerce paid for and approved, then you absolutely need to watch this. It's made by local comedian Mammyspanx (aka Kristen Lundberg) and it made me genuinely lol.  Thanks go out to Tim Willig for hipping me to it.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

How I feel right now...

Burgundy years.
I remember everything.
Burgundy years.
Death tolls ever dark its cheers.

Dark the days that beckon me
throughout the Northland country,
but there was hope once in my heart
when minstrels sang sweet their song.

From the cup you made me drink
the potions of uncertainty.
My love never did perish.
I have kept the memories inside.

Blood it lingers still yet stirring
where goodwill was once endearing.
I've become the caretaker
dutifully, a saint forlorn.

Marriage to the brotherhood
by oaths sworn in magicians' woods.
The martyr of my Christian name
slain by the scarlet crusades

Shall the words of misfits spoken
be treated as jesters' tokens.
There is but a glimmer full
of the dim light you have cast.

In time all heroes depart,
but there was hope once in my heart.


It's really sad when people act and talk in an utterly vile way while being casually racist, selfish, consumeristic, and completely lacking in self-awareness.  I know this is pretty much the normal state of many people in America and the "first world" in the West, but when you go to shows at bars and clubs, it's much more prevalent and totally in-your-face.  That and the inevitable consequences of living that way are why so many people leave punk, hardcore, metal, "indie rock", counterculture movements, and even the "bar scene" to become hardline, holier-than-thou Religious Right conservatives, annoyingly self-righteous "P.C. fascists", or nihilistic misanthropes.  I used to be on of the latter and sometimes people make me feel that way again.  Like tonight, for example.

That said, I will leave you with this.  It's the full album stream of When Fire Rains Down Upon the Sky Mankind Will Reap As It Has Sown by the English blackened death/grind/noise band ANAAL NATHRAKH.  They boast former BENEDICTION vocalist Dave Hunt, who goes under the name V.I.T.R.I.O.L. when doing vocals for A.N.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

This Is One of the Scariest Things I've Ever Listened To and It's From a Christian Experimental Noise Project (No, seriously...)

The singing, the metallic clanging and scraping... it's disturbing and sends chills up my spine.  It's one of the tracks on a free compilation of Christian experimental noise titled "The Blood of the Saints is the Seed of the Church".  The theme is martyrdom and the artist is VICTIMES DE REGIME, from Tennessee.

Check out the track here:

The other tracks on the comp are good, but none of them impacted me as much as VDR's.  Here are the other artists on it, all of whom I'd recommend checking out (preferably on other releases): CLANG QUARTET, BAPTIZER, CHRISTOPHER S. FELTNER, ATARAXY (Germany), BLACK MAGIC MARKER, CISTERN, and SIGNAL BLEED.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

All My Favorite Current Garage Rock Bands Are From Ohio (and I Used to Hate That Stuff)

(Photo by Cassidie Mae at The Coup)


Hail SDayton, Ohiyer
Inderpendents (SIGN THESE THAR BOYS!!!!!!!!)

Blown-out, rockin', *nsane, and yes, melodic, you puss-puss.  Seen'em these thar hairfarmers twice and the second time it was twice as nice.  I haves their seven-incher, "Main St. Blues" b/w "Busted in B.G." (SPOILER: that stands for Bowling Green!), and lurv its.  Ye can gets halves of eet on thar blandcamps and thuh other by harassin'em on the phaserbooks.  I dern't know how good dey 're wit dem technologies, but thems fools rock it hards.  If'ns ye gets a chance ta see'em, be'a sures to do dats!!!!!

Glasslands Gallery in Brooklyn, NY (photo by ...?)


Shittynati, Blowhio
Frenchkiss Records (Ooh-la-la!!!!!)

TWEENS are the first garage rock band I really got into from here.  They're blown-out enough to grab my attention and catchy enough to hold onto it.  We have wayyyyyy too many bands here who want to sound like THE BLACK KEYS (who, since the early 2000's, have found a second home here), but come up short.  Thankfully, TWEENS are definitely not one of them.  Rather than going for a slicker, more-produced sound, they have more of a 60's girl-group, doo-woop, trash rock, and power pop thing going on.  THE SHANGRI-LA'S, GUN CLUB, BOBBYTEENZ, and EL VEZ are all cited as influences and I have to agree (I'm not familiar with Bobbyteenz and El Vez, though... yet).  A lot of writers lazily refer to them as "sticky-sweet" and "syrupy", which has reached the point where it's become a cliche that I feel does a disservice to them, though.  This is not just some catchy bubblegum shit.  It's more like a slap in the face and a kick in the nuts from your about-to-be-ex-girlfriend while her friends are cheering her on because she should've kicked you to the curb awhile ago.  Which might explain why when THE BREEDERS asked Jim Blase (owner of Shake-It Records) who they should take on tour with them recently, he recommended TWEENS.

It should obviously be said that that the rhythm section of this band is made up of 2/3 of the one-and-only VACATION, who have been breaking new ground in pop-punk since the late 2000's.  The crazy-assed bastard Jerry Westerkamp plays drums in both bands and the more relaxed Peyton Copes plays bass in TWEENS and guitar in VACATION.  Part of why TWEENS has been more active than their main band may be due to the fact that their bass player, Evan Wolff, currently lives in Columbus and is also a member of PRETTY PRETTY (who you should be sure to check out!!!).

(From Lamont "Bim" Thomas' facebook - "Puttin my hood up for Trayvon! Let my niggas live!")


The River's on Fire, Oh My-Oh!
Smog Veil, Slovenly Recordings,
face your books
spotify webplayer

Holy.  Fucking.  Shit.  When I saw them recently at MOTR Pub here, it was the most punk thing I've ever seen.  Just a couple of black dudes, one singing and blowing people's minds with just a few guitar chords while the other went nuts on drums, showing a bunch of white kids how rock and roll is done!!!!  Vocalist Lamont "Bim" Thomas is the drummer for the politically-incendiary THIS MOMENT IN BLACK HISTORY and was formerly in THE BASSHOLES, COMPULSIVE GAMBLERS, FLIPPING HADES, MY UNCLE WAYNE, and THE CHEATER SLICKS (you can google those yourself!!!).  Listen to OBNOX and TMIBH immediately!!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Listen to this if you have anything remotely resembling good taste in music

 Atlanta grindcore trio Dead in the Dirt are staunchly vegan, straight-edge, and anti-human; they once sold stickers from their website boldly proclaiming, “Euthanize People Not Pit Bulls.” Nuanced reflection is not their aim. They're not subtle with their views, and their music follows suit. On August 6, Southern Lord will release their full-length The Blind Hole, which was produced by Andy Nelson of Weekend Nachos and Like Rats. That album's “The Pit of Me” lets their His Hero Is Gone influence shine more, as Nelson's touch lets Dead in the Dirt take up all the space they didn't consume on their previous efforts. “Pit” could very well be a reference to that above cover, as it possesses enough black space to create an ambiguous bottom.



Photo taken by Reid Raley

I just saw MUTANT SUPREMACY (from New York City) at Mayday in Cincinnati and partied with them all night.  I have yet to get to sleep (please keep that in mind while reading this)  Had no idea that the main vocalist was a member of ATAKKE (female-fronted crusty death/thrash also from NYC).  They're all pretty cool dudes.  They played late 80's/early 90's death metal (my favorite kind) very well and while they didn't "break any new ground" (as if that matters...), they avoided all of the annoying trends in death metal today, like "br00tal slamz", super-techy bullshit, ripping off AUTOPSY, or trying to sound just like CANNIBAL CORPSE.  It was a total breath of fresh air.

A new blackened death/thrash group from the suburbs (Fairfield?) played, as well.  Their name is VALDRIN.  They were very young and left me very impressed.  And not just because of their performance - the lead vocalist had an embroidered BLOOD FEAST patch (an obscure death/thrash band from my hometown) and at the party after the show, they out-nerded everyone on black metal (even me).  They were also the only band to get people moving (which is very hard to do in this city) and holy shit, I don't think I've seen a pit that crazy at a metal show here since Sudsy Malone's was still around.  It was more nuts than even RAMMING SPEED and MUNICIPAL WASTE's pits at recent shows   Keep an eye on these guys.

However, it was the opener, a local black metal band on only their third or fourth show, who completely blew everyone away...  Their name is ETHICIST and they sound like WEAKLING and (early) WOLVES IN THE THRONEROOM with maybe a little DEAFHEAVEN thrown in there.  They soundchecked one song and over twenty people came in to watch and were very disappointed that they had to wait 10 minutes for the show to start.  :).  It's unbelievable that three people can make as much noise as they do.  The set was absolutely incredible, the sound job was perfect yet again (thanks to the talented hands of Mark Light, who is widely considered to be one of - if not THE best sound man in the city...), and I had the horns raised for probably their entire set.

This was a free show and the bar did so well that they sold out of everything they had that came in cans - everything.  If you didn't go to this, I feel bad for you, because it RULED!!!!!

Right now I'd like to give a shout-out to the lovely and wise waitress who served me at the end of her shift at an empty Waffle House this morning just after 6 AM.  Her advice for my headache worked perfectly.  I don't know if she believed me when I said that it wasn't from drinking (for those of you new to this site, I'm straightedge), though...

Btw if you've ever wondered what a "reek of putrefaction" smells like, just walk around Clifton Heights just before the crack of dawn early Thursday morning in the summer.  Trash day there is worse than walking by a cow pasture.  And yes, I'm quite acquainted with that - my grandfather and those who came before him were dairy farmers...

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Pro-Life Group to Air Graphic Abortion Video in Fountain Square

I can't believe this is real...

Posted: 07/02/2013
Last Updated: 1 hour and 26 minutes ago
CINCINNATI -- An anti-abortion organization will bring a jumbo television screen to Fountain Square next week to play what it describes as "graphic abortion video" to downtown Cincinnati residents and visitors.

Created Equal, which describes itself as "a social action movement seeking to end human rights injustice," rented out Fountain Square for the demonstration, according to a spokesperson from 3CDC.

While 3CDC could not confirm what date the organization rented out the popular downtown space, a Created Equal spokesperson said the demonstration will take place on July 11 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The 9 by 12-foot TV screen, which is being brought to Fountain Square by the organizers, will feature a "graphic abortion video" and will be accompanied by high school and college students holding pro-life signs.

The announcement of this event in Fountain Square comes only days after Ohio Gov. John Kasich signed the state's $62 billion state spending plan into law that left in place a new requirement that doctors inform pregnant women seeking abortions of any fetal heartbeat.

The new law will require doctors to check for a fetal heartbeat through an external ultrasound when a woman is seeking an abortion and let her know if one is found. It does not prevent the doctor from performing the procedure, however, as last year's unsuccessful "heartbeat bill" proposed.

"Kasich's agenda is clear -- to put politicians in charge of women's personal, private medical decisions -- even in cases of rape or incest, or when a woman is faced with serious threats to her health," Executive Director of NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio Kellie Copeland told the Associated Press.

Created Equal's Executive Director Mark Harrington says his organization has pioneered the use of "cutting edge video technology to represent the victims of abortion" to audiences across the country.

"Now it's time to bring it to cities like Cincinnati," Harrington said. "Not until now has abortion been represented in such a profound way."
Created Equal also has plans for similar demonstrations in Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Columbus.
Fountain Square is located at 520 Vine Street.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Former US Government Contractor Who Blew the Whistle On Surveillance Program Reportedly Flees to a Third Country

It's depressing that if this guy wants to avoid prison time or death, he has to go to insanely repressive countries for asylum.  Everyone knows that Russia, Hong Kong (which, ultimately, is no different than China), and (if he makes it there) Ecuador have far less freedom and much more government surveillance than the US.  Those governments' only real interests in this are potentially gaining secrets from Mr. Snowden and using the incident to humiliate the United States government.  When captured US military, other government personnel, and private citizens try to use the Geneva Convention to demand their rights from hostile countries, they're more likely to be scoffed and laughed at, whether their reasons for detainment are legitimate or not.  And when our government tries to exercise diplomatic pressure on those countries for oppressing their people, can we expect them to take us seriously?  Our leaders traded those things away awhile ago in what they claim is the interest of national security, but how many of us believe that anymore?  Hopefully this eventually leads to the restoration of certain freedoms here.  Which, ironically, would mean that all of the work by the oppressive governments who are assisting Mr. Snowden would backfire on them.

Btw all emphasis and the "[sic]" in the article down there are from myself.

- Tim

Snowden on the run, seeks asylum in Ecuador
By Phil Black. Catherine E. Shoichet and Holly Yan, CNN
updated 1:39 PM EDT, Sun June 23, 2013

Moscow (CNN) -- The man who leaked details of U.S. government surveillance programs was on the run late Sunday, seeking asylum in Ecuador with the aid of the anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks, the organization and Ecuador's Foreign Ministry announced.

Edward Snowden, the onetime contract analyst for the National Security Agency, left Hong Kong after the U.S. government sought his extradition on espionage charges, WikiLeaks said. He landed in Moscow, where a CNN crew spotted a car with diplomatic plates and an Ecuadorian flag at the Russian capital's international airport.

WikiLeaks, which facilitates the publication of classified information, did not disclose what country would be Snowden's final destination. But Ecuador has already given WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange refuge in its embassy in London for nearly a year after he unsuccessfully fought extradition to Sweden in British courts.  And Washington is asking Ecuador, as well as Cuba and Venezuela, not to admit Snowden, a senior Obama administration official told CNN on Sunday. The United States also is asking those countries to expel him if they do admit him, the official said, and a a source familiar with the matter told CNN that the U.S. government has revoked Snowden's passport.

Snowden "left Hong Kong legally" and is headed to Ecuador "via a safe route for the purposes of asylum," WikiLeaks said in a statement issued Sunday afternoon. He is accompanied by diplomats and lawyers for WikiLeaks, including former Spanish judge Baltasar Garzon, according to a statement from the organization.  "The WikiLeaks legal team and I are interested in preserving Mr. Snowden's rights and protecting him as a person," said Garzon, who also represents Assange. "What is being done to Mr. Snowden and to Mr Julian Assange -- for making or facilitating disclosures in the public interest -- is an assault against the people."  Snowden has admitted he was the source who leaked classified documents about the NSA's surveillance programs to the British newspaper the Guardian and to The Washington Post. The documents revealed the existence of programs that collect records of domestic telephone calls in the United States and monitor the Internet activity of overseas residents.

The revelation of the leaks rocked the Obama administration and U.S. intelligence community, raising questions about secret operations of the NSA and whether the agency was infringing on American civil liberties.

Hong Kong: Extradition request didn't comply with requirements

Snowden left Hong Kong on Sunday "through a lawful and normal channel," the government of the semi-autonomous Chinese territory said Sunday. The U.S. government anounnced [sic] Friday that it was charging Snowden with espionage and theft of government property and asked Hong Kong authorities to hold him for extradition proceedings.

In a statement Sunday, Justice Department spokeswoman Nanda Chitre said Hong Kong authorities had informed U.S. officials of Snowden's departure.

"We will continue to discuss this matter with Hong Kong and pursue relevant law enforcement cooperation with other countries where Mr. Snowden may be attempting to travel," she said.

The U.S. government had also asked Hong Kong to issue a provisional arrest warrant for Snowden, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region said in a statement. But HKSAR officials said there were problems with the request.

"Since the documents provided by the U.S. government did not fully comply with the legal requirements under Hong Kong law, the HKSAR government has requested the U.S. government to provide additional information," Hong Kong officials said.

Because Hong Kong didn't have enough information, "there is no legal basis to restrict Mr. Snowden from leaving Hong Kong," the government said.

A Justice Department official said Sunday that the United States had met requirements with its request, disputing the assertion from authorities in Hong Kong.

"They came back to us with a few questions late Friday and we were in the process of answering those questions," the official said. "We believe we were meeting those requirements. As far as the relationship with Hong Kong goes, this raises questions and we will continue to discuss with authorities there."

Hong Kong's lack of intervention came after Snowden told the South China Morning Post that U.S. intelligence agents have been hacking computer networks in Hong Kong and mainland China for years.

Hong Kong said it wanted to have some words with the United States about that.

"The HKSAR government has formally written to the U.S. government requesting clarification on earlier reports about the hacking of computer systems in Hong Kong by U.S. government agencies," Hong Kong officials said in the same statement. "The HKSAR government will continue to follow up on the matter so as to protect the legal rights of the people of Hong Kong."

To read the rest of the article, go here:

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Update and a Show Review...

Check out the review of  THE DOPAMINES' album, "Vices", on if you haven't yet.  I saw a quote from it in the latest Citybeat and promptly looked for it.  It did not disappoint.

In case you missed it, THE DOPAMINES, THE LOCKLAND BRAKES, LOUDMOUTH, and BOY MEETS WORLD played Fountain Square last night.  It was the first time that the "Indie Summer Series" had a "punk night" and the "M.C." was nervous as hell about it.  He did everything from apologizing for having to read a list of thank-yous to the corporate sponsors to saying that hoped everyone would be cool.  Even one of the bands said "This is the first time there's been a punk show here and hopefully it won't be the last time."  I caught most of the bands' sets, with the exception of Loudmouth, because I had to make like a treebeard and leave.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Current and Upcoming...


VACATION album streaming in full on

TWEENS sign to Frenchkiss Records.

ABDUCTION's highly positive demo review in Maximum Rock'n Roll.

Theotokos Recordings' compilation to raise awareness of the genocides committed against and suffering of "indigenous" Christians in the Middle East.  And the nonviolent Kairos movement by Palestinian Christians and Muslims for civil rights.  Both of which the US media has completely blacked-out.  The compilation will be the first physical release for my label.  I am accepting music submissions of any genre.  While I'd prefer something relevant to the topic, as long as it's good enough for people to actually spend money on it and not toss it away after a couple listens, I'm interested...



- JIM SWILL's "Screenage Wasteland" video presentation @ the CAC - 6/ 10

- MOLLY SULLIVAN and CARNAL UNITS @ the Comet - 6/11

- THE FLESH PETS (Dayton), ARMY OF INFANTS (Dayton), GNAT! @ the Rake's End - 6/14


THE SOCIALS - The Beast Bites 7" (DIGITAL + VINYL)
MOLLY SULLIVAN - Bad Weather (Musings) (DIGITAL/CD)
HIGHGATE - Survival (CD)
NEW TONGUES - We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For (DIGITAL/VINYL)
GREY HOST- Dawn for Vultures (DIGITAL/CD)
SAILING STONES - Sailing Through the Desert of Your Mind Demo (DIGITAL/CD)





Friday, June 7, 2013

...THWART!: Interview: Artist Jim Swill

(This interview is from Shawn Abnoxious' blog, "...THWART!".   It's a great interview and may help you better understand where Jim is coming from.)

...THWART!: Interview: Artist Jim Swill: Jim Swill. Press Photo I’ve shared stages with Jim and seen his tuff many different places but when I recently seen a video he create...

Monday, June 3, 2013

Local Music News Update!

Hardcore punk veterans (and one guy who's new to it, but you wouldn't know if I didn't tell you) CRUSHED VELVET, who have 3/4 of WHITE WALLS (RIP), finally put a song online.  It's sick.  Which is what you'll be after you listen to it.

If you're looking to buy THE SOCIALS' new 7", head on over to their website for directions.  However, if you're looking for directions on how to make toast, watch this helpful video.

SUCCORBENOTH's "The Followers of the Sun" album is going to be released on CD/LP by the French label Le Crupuscule du Soir.  I took five years of le French, but I don't know what that means.  Sorry.  Anyhow, you can hear one of the songs here.

Because playing in three bands isn't enough, Daniel of LILIN, SUCCORBENOTH, and STICK YOUR FINGER IN YOUR BUTT AND SMELL IT has a shoegaze/post-rock band called BELOW THE ARCH.  They also have a reverbnation page.

BRAIN HOUSE KIDS PROJECT ALERT!!!!!!!  Tyler Stemmer has a "lucid rock" thing going now called SWIFTY MORGAN, which he claims will "make you believe in rock and roll again".  I don't know about you guys, but I never stopped believing.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

This is worth reading

Popular culture has helped create a mindset where sex is less about intimacy and more about possession. "We've objectified sex. It's almost a commodity now, and its really unattached from any sort of intimacy or emotional experience, and if it's a commodity, people feel okay with doing whatever they can to get it."

This article, written by investigative journalism students at the University of Massachusetts, is presented as part of a larger series addressing issues related to sexual assault on college campuses.

Rape culture. It's a phrase you hear a lot. But, what exactly does it mean? Is there one general definition? Not necessarily. In many ways the phrase evokes the famous Supreme Court comment about obscenity from Potter Stewart, "I know it when I see it."

And, you don't have to look far to see examples of rape culture these days. Whether it's advertising, movies, music videos or social media -- images, words, concepts -- it's all out there illustrating men dominating women.

"Everywhere you turn there's condoning, trivializing, and eroticizing rape, and collectively it sets a tone that says this is no big deal or this is what women deserve," said Lynn Phillips, a Lecturer with the University of Massachusetts-Amherst Communication Department.

The language of rape culture exists in everyday conversation.

"I raped that test," is a phrase that has become commonplace, connoting a sense of accomplishment. "You might 'rape' somebody you're playing against which means you won really easily against them," said Mike Angelli, a UMass student.

And, there is an endless amount of "joking" about rape occurring in cyberspace.

Trending social media topics such as "the rape sloth" continues to generate a type of editorial cartoon known as memes, which display comments about rape in a comedic form.

"Wanna smell my new cologne? It's called chloroform," quoted one of the statements.

Other meme "jokes" include "Oh you don't want sex? Challenge accepted," and even "I've got a dick and a knife, at least one of them is going inside of you tonight."


Rectal Hygienics - Chicago, IL
Nihilistic, violent, sleazy noise rock with a Swans influence, but more fucked-up and punk.  FREE and Buy-it-now downloads of their debut album on their bandcamp and Grindcore Karaoke (bandcamp site full of FREE powerviolence, grindcore, noisecore, and noise run by Scott Hull of Pig Destroyer and Agoraphobic Nosebleed).  The LP version is being released by Torn Light Records (run by Alex York) from here and is limited to 300 copies.  This is a one-time pressing, so get ahold of it while you can!!!! (Pay what you want) (TOTALLY FREE!!!!!)

Animal Lover - St. Paul, MN
Driving noise rock, good stuff.

Forced Opinion - Cincinnati, OH
Sick, sick, sick powerviolence... the most brutal band I've ever heard come out of here.

Pillowbiter - Cincinnati, OH
Hardcore punk/noise rock with scathing social and political lyrics.

***ALL AGES***

Monday, June 3rd @ 9 PM

$5 donation for the out-of-town bands, but if you're not going to contribute towards gas for them, that's just plain shitty...

Trash Factory
2439 Moerlein Ave
Cincinnati, OH


Thursday, May 30, 2013

June Calender for the Rake's End (as of 5/30)

JUNE 2013 at RAKE's END!

 2141 Central Ave. Cincinnati
open nightly 9pm / 21+ bar

Sat 1 - FOGGER (DJ party)

Sun 2 - Mala In Se, Hank, New Third Worlds

Mon 3 - weekly potluck!

Tue 4 - Cloud Becomes Your Hand (live bands...)

Wed 5 - 20ccs Vs. Chinn Chilla (rap, doom, noise, punk HYBRID SHOW)

Thr 6 - Down They Fall + Cincinnati Chiptunes

Fri 7 - DJ Grover! SOUL POWER!!! spinning his extensive selection of 45's

Sat 8 - Prize The Doubt (live bands...)

Sun 9 - International Noise Conference!!!

Mon 10 - weekly potluck + The Amends (live bands...)

Tue 11 - Zigtebra (live bands...)

Wed 12 - Rio & The Ramblers (live bands...)

Thr 13 - Smokestack (live bands...)

Fri 14 - Army Of Infants, Gnat, more

Sat 15 - DJ Soulstep!

Sun 16 - Zionide (live bands...)

Mon 17 - weekly potluck + live music!

Tue 18 - METAL SHOW with Predominant Mortification & The Outlawed