Sunday, October 12, 2014

Review: Beneath Oblivion, Scumbag Playbook, Black Tar Prophet and The Grayces @ The Rake's End - 10/11/2014

(flyer designed by Allen Scott)

Last night at the Rake's End (in the Brighton District) was Beneath Oblivion's best set that I can remember. And I've seen a lot of them. Black Tar Prophet from Nashville was sick as hell, too. They played some of the most vicious stoner doom that I've ever seen and it was all without a vocalist. That's a serious accomplishment. The Grayces (also from Nashville) were good, sort of made me think of the Yeah Yeah Yeah's, but jammier. And last, but not least, ScumBag Playbook were freaking awesome. I rarely get into new hardcore punk bands, but these guys had it going on. Lots of youthful energy, tight live show, and an early D.C. vibe. Which is my favorite kind of that, but I don't see too often. Btw the drummer was the main vocalist, which is also rare. And incidentally, he's the the son of another talented punk drummer/lead vocalist - Albert of Hellnation. I guess it's genetic or something. Who knew?